Inetum announces its new strategic plan and its ambition as a European technology leader.

Inetum announces its new strategic plan and its ambition as a European technology leader.

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After a decade of continuous growth, the launch of a new corporate identity in 2021 (formerly Gfi), a new financial partner in 2022 with Bain Capital Private Equity, and the arrival of a new Chairman and CEO, Jacques Pommeraud, in March 2023, Inetum announces its new strategic plan for ambitious growth, and a strengthened value proposition to fulfill the new business needs of its clients.

At a time when the need to digitalize organizations is accelerating, Inetum is opening a new chapter in its history, with the aim of strengthening its support for businesses and governments in their digital transformation and making digital innovations a source of sustainable performance and progress for all.

A strategic approach to serve a renewed ambition

For more than 10 years, the Inetum Group has been growing continuously, driven by a strong appetite for acquisitions and organic growth, to reach a revenue of 2.4 billion euros in 2022, representing an annual growth rate of more than 12%. Inetum has become an international Group with 28,000 people, a footprint covering 27 countries, with strongholds in Europe: 8th in France, 5th in Spain, 3rd in Portugal and 2nd in Belgium.

In a constantly changing world, driven by technology and innovation, no company can afford to stand still. Our aim is to help our customers win, to meet the expectations of their employees and their own clients thanks to technology. Our mission is to make a positive difference by combining our sector expertise, hands-on approach, speed, agility and proximity to deliver the best possible technology.

With the arrival of Jacques Pommeraud at the head of the Inetum Group in March 2023, and with the support of its main shareholder Bain Capital Private Equity, the Group is entering a new phase of growth, structured around 5 pillars:

  • Leverage the scale of a leading local player to customers in Europe, with a customer-centric approach based on geographic density (proximity with 130 sites)

  • Deliver best-in-class business transformation services, as the preferred local partner for SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow and Microsoft, to help organizations innovate and adopt new technologies, such as Gen AI

  • Ensure competitive prices based on agility and efficiency, thanks to innovative tools and a high-quality onshore and offshore industrial production model

  • An employer brand driven by pride and values, capable of attracting the best talent

  • The unique approach of a BtoBtoS (Business to Business to Society) company as ESG leader in the IT services sector, supporting its customers in their social responsibility.

Jacques Pommeraud, Chairman and CEO of the Inetum Group, explains: "This strategic plan sets us on an ambitious and exciting trajectory to achieve a new scale and reputation. We aspire to make a significant difference to our customers by offering them the very best in business transformation services and supporting them in their need for new technologies, such as GenAI. It's an ambition that gives current and new members of our team the opportunity to develop their careers, work on exciting projects and maintain their skills at the cutting edge of technology.”

A positive and sustainable momentum that is reflected in concrete actions

With its multi-specialist profile, Inetum is aligning its organization and value proposition with its new strategy around 4 Global Business Lines: Inetum Consulting, Inetum Technologies, Inetum Solutions, and Inetum Software.

Inetum Consulting :

  • Helping companies think strategically about the direction, timing and speed of their transformation plans

  • Providing operational support to implement solutions tailored to the organization's core activities, size and processes

Inetum Technologies :

  • Ensuring the operational excellence of IT departments, by optimizing the costs and flexibility of the IT infrastructure, and obtaining maximum value from the best industrialization, automation and security capabilities

Inetum Solutions :

  • Offering companies the opportunity to integrate the best solutions on the market to increase speed and agility, and improve their business processes to meet the challenges of the future, with strategic partners such as Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP and ServiceNow

Inetum Software :

  • Providing over 50 multi-industry software solutions, innovating with 27 R&D centers, for the public sector, health and social care, supply chain, insurance and finance, civil security, as well as cross-functional solutions for time and activity management, people management and content management

Demonstrating the implementation of this immediate strategic deployment, Inetum has announced the acquisition of three major French consulting firms specialized in the digital transition of companies:

  • 47QUAI, a French consulting and services company specializing in the Salesforce product suite, particularly in the areas of sales, customer service, marketing and experiences. The acquisition further strengthens Inetum's Salesforce Global Practice, which is already a Summit partner, the highest level of partnership with Salesforce, and now has a team of over 200 experts.

  • VISEO Dynamics, a specialist in Microsoft Dynamics software, reinforces the dedicated practice at Inetum which, as a leading global player in Microsoft business solutions, supports companies in the transformation of their operational processes in France and internationally with more than 330 experts.

  • Proceed, a French integrator specializing in the ServiceNow cloud computing platform, offering a variety of solutions, including ITSM, ITOM, CSM and HR solutions, demonstrating true versatility in responding to diverse organizational issues. Inetum, an Elite ServiceNow partner, is reinforcing its service offering with more than 330 certified consultants.

About Inetum:

Inetum is a digital services and solutions company. With a presence in more than 27 countries, the Group has nearly 28,000 employees and generated a revenue of 2.4 billion euros in 2022. In a context where needs and uses are constantly being reinvented, the Inetum Group supports companies and governments in their digital transformation by offering them a unique combination of proximity, sector-specific organization and innovative solutions. With its multi-specialist profile, Inetum aligns its organization around 4 Global Business Lines: Inetum Consulting, Inetum Technologies, Inetum Solutions, and Inetum Software.

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