Inetum in Morocco receives the "Feel Good" label

Inetum in Morocco receives the "Feel Good" label

Inetum in Morocco receives the "Feel Good" label for its commitment to the well-being at work of its teams

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The recruitment agency awarded 27 companies with the Feel Good label on June 23. An evening which allowed to label, for this 1st edition of the companies, a real reflection engaged around the well-being at work of their teams from the phase of onboarding. With a continuous growth in its activities for more than 10 years, Inetum has made talent integration one of the pillars of its development and its strategic plan to meet the needs of companies and organizations to adapt to the digital flow.

The Feel Good Label on the ReKrute website allows candidates to define their values, discover the ideal company culture for them, and be directed to companies whose professional environment best suits their development. After having modeled their culture, companies can more easily identify their "talents" of tomorrow. By accessing the dedicated "Feel Good Companies" page, candidates can find, by decreasing matching, the labeled companies with which their values best match. 

"The Feel Good Label guarantees the transparency of companies on their own culture. It is also a process of reflection on the well-being at work of future teams that we had to promote to candidates," says Alexandra Montant, CEO of ReKrute.

"The employee experience, of which the harmony between professional investment and personal well-being is a part, is a pillar of our HR policy, starting with the onboarding phase. The Inetum Group plans to recruit 7,000 employees worldwide in 2022, including the opening of 400 positions in Morocco. We are proud to be labeled "Feel Good", says Mehdi EL ABED, General Manager of Inetum in Morocco. "Inetum offers to open new professional perspectives to candidates to live their own digital flow within the ESN, whatever their job, their expertise, and this, from mission to mission, according to their technological or sectorial appetencies" completes Yousra Benzakour, HR Director of Inetum in Morocco

Inetum is a leading ESN of digital services and solutions in Europe, its job offers cover all IT and digital professions in Morocco and in 27 other countries. From now on, candidates can send their CVs directly to and consult the job offers in Morocco here.

About ReKrute :Leader in employment since 2006, ReKrute aims to facilitate the connection and dissemination of strategic HR information between the best companies in the market and Moroccans looking for new career opportunities. To date, no less than 300 people find a job on our pages every day.

About the Feel Good Label: The Feel Good label rewards companies that care about the well-being of their employees, even before their integration. It is a solution to better meet the post-Covid expectations of candidates, in search of meaning and happiness at work, and a tool that helps define the optimal cultural fit between the candidate and the company, and thus promotes the well-being of candidates at work.

About Inetum, Positive digital flow

Inetum is an agile IT services company that provides digital services and solutions, and a global group that helps companies and institutions to get the most out of digital flow. In a context of perpetual movement, where needs and usages are constantly being reinvented, the Inetum group is committed towards all these players to innovate, continue to adapt, and stay ahead. With its multi-expert profile, Inetum offers its clients a unique combination of proximity, a sectoral organisation, and solutions of industrial quality. Operating in more than 27 countries, the Group has nearly 27,000 employees and in 2021 generated revenues of €2.2 billion.

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