Inetum participates in the SISTEMIC forum on May 12, 2023

Inetum participates in the SISTEMIC forum on May 12, 2023

As a founding partner, the Group is firmly committed to fostering a new generation of female talent in STEM fields

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Inetum, the European leader in digital services and solutions, will participate in the SISTEMIC international forum as a founding partner. The forum is a first step to engage, talk, and conduct workshops to change women's relationship to careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and to form a coalition alongside the other seven founders (Dassault Systèmes, Engie, Axa, Orange, La Poste, and Siemens) to promote the integration of women in scientific – and in particular IT and digital – professions.

A situation that demands a strong commitment

Digital technologies and innovation capabilities are crucial for future economic competitiveness. There is a drastic shortage of skilled people in STEM fields today, yet women remain dramatically under-represented in these key disciplines.

Inetum recently published the third edition of its Digital Flow Observatory survey with the CSA Institute, revealing that one active woman out of two does not believe that jobs in new technologies are accessible to her.

Inetum is convinced that attaining greater gender diversity in its sectors is fundamental in order to bring valuable new profiles to the industry. The current talent shortage is therefore an opportunity to attract and recruit more female profiles.

Inetum, a leader committed to gender diversity in tech professions

To tackle this situation, Inetum as first partner and founding sponsor of SISTEMIC is bringing its business expertise and will participate in the organization's mentoring programme. This support is a logical outflow of Inetum's desire to make young women aware of career opportunities in digital and information technology, and to support their choice for and inclusion in these fields.

Along with SISTEMIC, Inetum is committing to tangible objectives that are fundamental for a leader promoting the positive impact of digital technology, namely, to inspire, train, and support women in scientific and technological fields. Inetum's goal is to encourage vocations among girls, parents, and teachers to develop a long-term collective approach aimed at creating a global movement to integrate female talent in the professional world.

For several years already, the Inetum Group has been involved in a global initiative to increase the number of women in science and to make tech industries more gender equal, through programmes such as Women in Africa, and L-decode l'@venir by FACE MEL. In its current campaign to fill 7,000 new positions in 2023, Inetum is pursuing this commitment to recruit women in France and in the 26 other countries where the Group operates.

First public event at the Palais de Tokyo

On Friday, 12 May 2023, the first SISTEMIC forum will take place at the Palais de Tokyo. More than 1,500 participants are expected. The day will include keynotes, testimonials, master classes and workshops, as well as think-tank moments on the question "must the future belong to only one woman out of four?". 

Inetum will host several activities during the day:

-          A speed-coaching workshop to develop self-confidence and skills, followed by a job-dating session with our recruitment teams

-          An interactive community wall where youngsters, parents and teachers can identify barriers and propose actions to promote access for girls to STEM fields

-          A "learn more about..." keynote by the Innovation team of Inetum, focusing on the wide range of activities involved in Artificial Intelligence (understand what is an algorithm, deep learning and machine learning, how an artificial intelligence learns, what it means to program an AI, and which careers are related to artificial intelligence)

-          An agile playground to reflect on the topic of gender diversity and think of concrete actions to recruit more women in the engineering sector


"For several years already, Inetum has been committed to a more inclusive digital world. Our diversity is a performance driver, which is why we have a proactive policy to promote access to employment, particularly for women. We believe that awareness and role models can be real eye-openers for many young women that will allow them to fulfil their potential in digital professions. Our goal is to promote access to tech professions for as many women as possible. The SISTEMIC forum will be an opportunity to make middle- and high-school girls as well as students in tertiary education aware of the accessibility of our professions, and to show them that they can have a fulfilling career in our sector," says Bruno Da Sola, Head of Human Resources at the Inetum Group.


About Inetum, Positive digital flow:

Inetum is an agile IT services company that provides digital services and solutions, and a global group that helps companies and institutions to get the most out of digital flow. In a context of perpetual movement, where needs and usages are constantly being reinvented, the Inetum group is committed towards all these players to innovate, continue to adapt, and stay ahead. With its multi-expert profile, Inetum offers its clients a unique combination of proximity, a sectoral organisation, and solutions of industrial quality. Present in more than 27 countries, the Group has nearly 27,000 employees and generated revenues of EUR 2.4 billion in 2022.


SISTEMIC is a unique ecosystem of inspiration, support, training and recruitment with the aim to foster a new generation of female talent in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

Founded by Aude de Thuin, Angélique Gérard, and Léna Touchard, this innovative initiative is based on three modes of actions: an annual international forum to inspire new generations and bring the ecosystem together, a female talent platform dedicated to recruitment, mentoring and networking, and a STEM ACADEMY (Social and Solidarity Economy training organization) to provide training and support.

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