Karteis Analyse GeoDataViz Solution by Gfi

Karteis Analyse GeoDataViz Solution by Gfi


Gfi is helping local and regional authorities in the management of the Covid-19 epidemic by making its Karteis Analyse GeoDataViz solution available to them.

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Gfi is helping local and regional authorities in the management of the Covid-19 epidemic by making its Karteis Analyse GeoDataViz solution available to them.

In this unprecedented health context, Gfi's intellectual property solution enables local authorities to produce and have access to thematic maps to have a global vision of their territory, and thereby define their local strategy and better coordinate their actions. For example, Karteis Analyse makes it possible to precisely map vulnerable citizens, offers of assistance or local stores within a territory.

Local authorities are now at the forefront of the local management of the consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic. Aware of the urgency of the situation, Gfi has made its Karteis Analyse GeoDataViz solution available to them with intuitive use. This tool features tutorials and ready-to-use templates for easy use and quick implementation.

An analytical tool for perfecting territorial strategies

In a race against time that requires the involvement of all, and in which Gfi is committed to local communities. The Group, a major partner of the public sector, uses its functional and technical expertise, as well as its solution for crisis management at local level, to organize, optimize and coordinate the actions of a local authority in a given territory.

"We have been working with local authorities on a daily basis for many years. Using data in a concrete and efficient way allows us to provide a real-time analytical view of the needs of vulnerable individuals and the offers of assistance available," explains Vincent Rouaix, Chairman and CEO of the Gfi Group. With Karteis Analyse, we are in line with our commitment to providing a high-performance service offer for public service stakeholders. “

"Mapping is at the heart of our Smart Cities expertise. This form of data exploitation is an opportunity in the processing of information for and by cities, and more broadly for smart territories. This is why, in this particular context, we have mobilized our teams in order to offer access to this tool to communities that need it," explains Pascale Gimet, Director of the Smart and Collaborative Territory Offer at the Gfi Group.

Karteis Analyse thus allows users to automatically create thematic maps from data tables. Dematerialized and integrated into mobile equipment, maps have become widespread and their use has gone beyond the traditional scope to include a wide variety of uses, in all areas of social and professional activity.

Mapping the data of a territory gives quick access to information, facilitates its understanding and provides keys for analysis. Only the local authority can visualize and exploit its data. In a secure manner, this solution offers authorized access only to relevant stakeholders. It is a true tool for assisting the decision-making process and coordinating local actions. In the current context, it is thus possible to identify the most vulnerable people, the services available around their homes, offers of assistance, local stores, registered volunteers, emergency medical center, etc.

The Gfi group continues its mobilization and is using all of its skills in data processing and Artificial Intelligence solutions in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, for a digital transformation that is beneficial to all.

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