Recruitment operation: 48h Chrono Job XP'

Recruitment operation: 48h Chrono Job XP'

Inetum announces its large-scale recruitment operation 48h Chrono Job XP' by offering more than 100 positions in Tunisia.

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The Inetum group plans to recruit 7,000 employees worldwide in 2022, including the opening of 100 positions in Tunisia. With a continuous growth in its activities for more than 10 years, Inetum has made the integration of talents one of the pillars of its growth and its strategic plan to meet the needs of companies to adapt to digital flow.

Inetum, ESN leader in digital services and solutions in Europe, continuously seeks to better identify the needs around digital to meet the current and future expectations of organizations. The Group, which supports the growth of its national and international customers, is conducting an ambitious recruitment plan to meet market needs and in line with its strategic roadmap. With UPSCALE23, Inetum affirms its desire to develop its support for ETIs and to further develop its capacities around new generation solutions, particularly in the fields of cloud, cybersecurity, automation and data analysis.

With 27,000 employees present in 26 countries, Inetum leads one of the largest recruitment plans in the ESN sector, with 7,000 recruitments worldwide, including 100 in Tunisia. A local player in Africa, the Group targets its recruitment for its local and international projects.

48 hours to get a job!

To meet the challenge of this ambitious recruitment plan, Inetum is organizing its event on June 20 and 21 in Tunis. 48h Chrono Job XP' allows any candidate to send their CV and apply for an employment contract within 48 hours.

Confirmed Business Solutions Consultants (SAP, SAGE, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics...), DevOps Engineers, Project Managers, Fullstack Developers, HRIS Consultants, Business Analysts, Quality Analysts, UX/UI Designers, Support Engineers... Inetum offers all these very varied project profiles and multiple opportunities thanks to its multi-sector and international approach, covering the entire IT and digital value chain.

“The challenge of this recruitment event is to open up all of the 100 vacancies in Tunisia to as many applications as possible. We offer innovative, national and international projects, in all sectors of activity, through a unique employee experience through evolving HR practices adapted to our businesses, and in a pleasant working environment. 48H chrono job XP' is a unique operation that will support the professional momentum of candidates by considering concrete possibilities within 48 hours” explains Sana Ben Amar, HRD, Inetum in Tunisia.

“1,200 experts are already present in Africa to support the Group's customers. By taking part in this operation, Inetum offers every talent the opportunity to integrate the Group and accelerate their career path, whether they are young graduates, in retraining or already an expert. In the image of our strong growth within the Group, this recruitment operation will be renewed with the same ambitions on our other markets in Africa”, specifies Patrice Gautier, Managing Director for Tunisia.

Inetum offers candidates new professional perspectives to experience their own digital flow within the ESN, whatever their profession, their expertise, and this, from mission to mission, according to their technological or sectoral appetites.

From now on, candidates can send their CV directly by logging on to the website and consult the vacancies in Tunisia:

Local proximity to support national and international projects

Over the past few years, and all the more recently with the health crisis, the digitization of businesses and daily digital uses has experienced an unparalleled acceleration. To best support customers in their transformation projects and their mastery of digital flow as a lever for positive impact and performance, it is necessary to recruit sufficiently and locally. To be able to respond to the rapid and constant evolution of the needs of its customers, large companies and ETIs from all sectors of activity, Inetum relies on proximity. A local approach to better understand a globalized environment and global challenges for companies in perpetual evolution. This requires having skills in all digital professions, including emerging professions.

About Inetum, Positive digital flow :

Inetum is an agile ESN, a digital services and solutions company, and an international group that helps companies and institutions get the most out of digital flow. In a context of constant movement, where needs and uses are constantly reinventing themselves, the Inetum group is committed to all players to innovate, adapt continuously and stay one step ahead. With its multi-specialist profile, Inetum offers its customers a unique combination of proximity, sector organization and industrial quality solutions. Present in more than 26 countries, the Group has nearly 27,000 employees and in 2021 achieved a turnover of 2.2 billion euros.

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