Reduce the carbon emissions of our vehicles

Reduce the carbon emissions of our vehicles

An eco-responsible car fleet

Since 1 January 2018, our Car Policy specifies that only vehicles emitting no more than 100g of CO2/km (compared to 110 g CO2/km in 2017) are eligible for our catalogue and can be offered to our French employees. We also undertake actions to encourage the use of hybrid vehicles (gasoline-electric or diesel-electric) within the car fleet.

In 2020, we renewed 5% of our fleet with hybrid/electric vehicles with CO2 emissions of around 83g/km.

Our ambition for 2021 is to increase to 10% the percentage of our fleet that is replaced by hybrid/plug-in hybrid vehicles with low CO2 emissions.

We are currently studying the feasibility of such a catalogue by carrying out a comparative study of the emissions of models offered by each manufacturer and matching the vehicle to the use of our employees.

The use of electric charging stations in our parking lots, which can be used by employees but also by clients and suppliers, encourages the adoption of hybrid or electric vehicles.

In Belgium, employees with a company car are encouraged to take an eco-driving course. This encourages eco-responsible driving that is less accident-prone.