The latest webinars in Inetum Romania​

The latest webinars in Inetum Romania​

We value our training activity and like to keep our team engaged with new activities​


Our team is constantly learning and acquiring new skills. After certain evaluations or project-based, we offer our colleagues the option to attend language, technical or soft skills trainings, in order to improve their work abilities. Work smart is the new work hard!​

New colleagues are often trained on specific technologies useful in their field of activity. If needed, they also attend language courses, to reach the desired proficiency level. This is mapped out according to their specific professional background and in accordance to their role.​

In the last months, our colleagues have also acquired Agile knowledge through webinars presented by a certified Agile and Scrum Master in our team. We will resume the Agile webinars in the following weeks.​

We have also invited our peers to webinars with topics like health, sports, self defense and are planning many more interesting activities for them. ​

Would you like to be a part of our team? Reach out to our HR team and discover the active roles in Inetum in Romania.

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