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Sage X3, your innovative mid-market ERP – a flexible, cloud-based international business solution

Inetum is the leading Sage X3 ERP partner, integrator and vendor of additional business solutions (add-ons) for mid-market groups and companies. A major player in the ERP implementation sector, Inetum's Sage skill centre is present in France and on the international scene to answer organizations strategic challenges.

In the last 30 years, we have been supported by our strategic partner Sage, the world leader of business solutions for Mid Market companies or industries. The Sage Business Cloud offer is a powerful digitalization suite for change management.

The Sage X3 ERP solution, with its user-centric web ergonomics and interface, is a rich, extensive, scalable and flexible solution covering all the functional needs of your company. A multi-language, multi-legislation solution, it natively adapts to the business and financial requirements of SMBs (PME & ETI in French) both in a local and international contexts.

Simple and fast to implement, Sage X3 ERP accelerates processes and operations in the  various departments of your company:

  • Accounting and finance management with a flexible structure and referential, acting as central master data management tool
  • Treasury management with Sage XRT – cash flow management, financial communication with banking partners, online banking, liquidity optimization, client recovery, SOX and legislation compliance, reconciliation, signature controls, cash pooling…
  • Supply chain management – purchase, sales, inventory, customer service, logistics, stocks, receptions…
  • Manufacturing management – automated finite capacity planning, lot, sub-blot, serial number traceability, product configurator, options, variants, MRP, WiP accounting, non-conformance, root causes, change control, configure to order…
  • Project Management – professional zervices, central management of any input and output, project snapshot, overview and comparison, project cost breakdown structure (CBS), multi-project consolidation, planner, timesheets,  scheduled invoicing…
  • Customization and integration with industry applications

Control your business and your processes with Sage Business Cloud solutions (Sage X3, Sage XRT, Sage FRP 1000…).

Inetum is a provider of professional life hacks add-ons and easy-to-use solutions. Innovation remains our core activity:

  • Project & Job Costing – project management for professional service providers
  • Currency Solution – simplified import of currency exchanges rates
  • Finance Supervisor – improvement of the accounting closing process for all your companies
  • Rich Mail – optimization of daily email exchange based on rich text format
  • Entries Checker – SAS enabling the import, check and correction of uploaded accounting entries
  • Specs Monitor – monitoring of adaptations, patch generation assistance and traceability of modifications
  • Shortways – e-Learning and change management digital assistant

Sage X3 is a recognized and reliable global ERP solution, able to be extended by additional solutions allowing a full coverage of your company's needs.

  • Sage Eloficash: Management of customer debt collection
  • Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI): Integrated Business Intelligence (BI) solution for performance management, embedded within Sage X3
  • Sage Youdoc: A complete and innovative dematerialization management solution able to control the life cycle of your documents and e-invoicing features
  • Sage Fiscalité Powered by Invoke: Automation and management of tax reports
  • Aritmos: A vertical solution dedicated to the agriculture and agri-food industries
  • Transportation Management Suite (TMS): Fleet management, route optimization and shipment tracking solution

Inetum, your Sage X3 ERP partner in digital transformation

Sage offers can be implemented internationally and are available both in On Premise and SaaS / Cloud mode. Licensing allows acquisition and subscription modes. Sage X3 is a fast to use ERP software through its flexible ergonomics and wide functional coverage, customizable to meet the challenges of international medium and large structures. Available with over 40 localizations throughout the world, Sage X3 is the mid-market ERP solution, able to help structuring mid-size companies or groups, and to adapt to their strategic specificities, with relevant add-ons or through specific developments.

Sage X3 implementation consultants manage the Analysis and Consulting phases at the beginning of the project. Available services are Business Analysis, Gap fit analysis or Group Core Model definition

Inetum guides you from the build phase to the run phase – project definition, team or key users training, start-up assistance, go live support, phone support, remote access, level 2 support. Recognized experience in Sage X3 implementations, over 30 years expertise dedicated to mid-market clients.

Sage X3 environments are hosted and managed by Inetum teams. The Sage road map allows continuous improvement with quarterly updates, delivered through automated testing platforms and easy updates

A customer-oriented organization focused on your satisfaction. Sedentary or dedicated expert consultants take care of your solution support with a single point of contact. Urgent / critical requests are prioritized using the escalation process

Sage X3 By Inetum are reference components: Inetum has an innovative team to develop add-ons integrated to the ERP. Additional and innovative solutions: project and Job Costing addresses the Service and Industry sectors. Our add-ons are compliant with the latest versions of Sage X3: currency solution, Finance supervisor, Rich mail and Chorus Pro.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI): intuitive Business Intelligence solution; Agri Aritmos - vertical module for the agricultural sector; TMS - vertical business module for fleet management of transport vehicles; Sage Eloficash - tool for customer account management and debt recovery.

Inetum, a recognized integrator of the Sage X3, XRT and FRP 1000 ecosystem with highest level of certifications

Sage X3 is an agile ERP, operated as an open and scalable platform, and the spine of the SMB production system transformation. Our experience provides our clients with a global response and support for process digitization. For the past 3 decades, Inetum has been the most valuable Sage partner in the world, constantly certifying its Sage resources at the highest level, as a guarantee of its expertise on Sage X3, Sage XRT and Sage FRP 1000 solutions, for project implementation methodology, finance expertise, international abilities…

Inetum is a leader in Sage X3 integration in Europe and Africa, with skill centres based in 5 countries (France, Morocco, Tunisia, Ivory Coast and Cameroon).

Inetum is a Sage partner recognized by the software developer over the last 30 years for our know-how and expertise on Sage X3.

A large team of 200 dedicated resources: functional, technical consultants and developers certified on the latest versions of Sage X3.

The Sage software developer talks about us:

"Inetum is a trusted partner on the Sage X3 solution.

For the past 30 years, Inetum has been successfully providing support to its Sage customers by developing applications and services adapted to their business challenges. Inetum also helps many mid-sized companies and groups in their international expansion.

"Silver Partner 2020-2021", Inetum is one of our strategic resellers, we can count on their experience in ERP integration, in the Sage Cloud or hosted by our customers.”   Franck Hourdin - VP Medium and Large Companies & International

Sage, a SaaS company, and key player in the cloud business solutions market with its international solutions, Sage X3, Sage XRT and Sage FRP 1000

Leading the global medium and large businesses segment, solutions developed by Sage optimize companies’ performance and growth. Over the past 40 years, Sage's partnership engagement with its partners has given access to innovative technologies that support customer satisfaction, through the procurement of relevant and scalable business solutions based on up-to-date cloud based technologies and with user friendly interfaces.

Sage is the global software developer for small and mid-sized companies, with its solutions based on Sage Business Cloud: Sage X3, Sage FRP 1000 cloud and Sage XRT. Sage simplifies and automates business process management to support millions of organizations in all sizes and industries in more than 100 countries.
Sage works closely with an expert network of resellers and integrators specialized in consulting and implementing solutions adapted specifically to the needs of modern corporations. While building new functionalities, Sage continues to invest in the Cloud in order to deliver solutions in constant evolution and in line with change dynamics.
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13,500 employees 6.1 million customers local presence in 24 countries ecosystem with 100,000 expert accountants and more than 20,000 partners