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Cart@DS – a modular solution for urban-planning departments​

Cart@DS Collaborative Suite is a modular solution that develops along with reforms and customer requests. It revolves around a file of peripheral modules that cover the entire spectrum of land-rights application, property and, more recently, housing. The Cart@DS offer takes present and future regulatory and operational changes into account and adapts to your organization and technical architecture.​

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Some 600 local authorities and public bodies for inter-municipal cooperation – more than 14,000 municipalities in France – use Cart@DS to examine their urban planning, land and housing files. Reliable, tried and tested software that sets the standard on the market. The software automatically directs requests that are filed in the user portal to the most suitable person to examine the type of case. Cart@DS generates mail requests and reminders for users. Thanks to the regulatory dashboards, you are alerted to deadlines for the notification of your decisions. You have an overview of every element as well as notices coming from third-party services. Cart@DS pulls out your indicators and statistics. You get a full picture of the activities of all departments.

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Networked systems​

  • Thanks to the interface with, records to be examined are automatically retrieved by Cart@DS. The service portal can be used to consult departments without having to re-enter any data. Your software also interfaces easily with government systems. Communication flows faster and more freely.​

Access by profile​

  • All the stakeholders contributing to a particular file have different access permissions to the features of Cart@DS. Their user profile determines which files they are authorized to see and modify, or which digital documents they may annotate. Everything is preconfigured.​

Digital storage​

  • All the elements of a file are stored in the EDM system built into Cart@DS. Files are then archived in electronic archiving systems (EAS) with probative value. You can find them easily and be sure that you are complying with your archiving obligations.​

Dedicated portals​

  • Cart@DS gives you a user portal for your local authority. The latter adds its case files, Cerfa forms and any documents, etc. Similarly, the notary portal allows notaries to request documents online from your local authority. Finally, using the Services portal built into Cart@DS, stakeholders of your local authority can communicate directly within the software. This speeds up the processing of case files.


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