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The management of cities, departments, regions and groups has changed dramatically. It now requires innovative methods of management and financial management.​

All the different aspects of finance – retrospective and prospective financial and fiscal analysis, inter-municipal strategy and resource pooling, municipal, departmental and regional equalization, public investment choices, financial communication, satellite analysis and control, consolidation of accounts and risks, evaluation of public service delegations and PPPs, debt and cash management, VAT management, programme and commitment authorizations, financial regulations payment, etc. – have to be taken into account to complete public operations, from defining their objectives, programmes and necessary budgetary resources, to analysing the results in order to defend the financial policies implemented.​


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Inetum's financial management solutions support cities, departments, regions, local authorities and public institutions on a daily basis in implementing the financial tools and instruments aimed at easing their financial constraints and contributing to the efficiency of their accounting and financial services.​