Artificial Intelligence to predict electricity consumption, one of Inetum's proposals at SEC2021

Artificial Intelligence to predict electricity consumption, one of Inetum's proposals at SEC2021

The commitment and use cases provided by the IT services company illustrate its positioning to make digital a driver of positive impact and performance for the benefit of all.

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Madrid, October 25, 2021

Inetum in Spain (ex-Gfi and IECISA), brings to this annual European congress its experience and knowledge in Artificial Intelligence applied to the energy sector and will present the use case of smart charging banks for electric motorcycles, developed together with Iberdrola and Cooltra, in addition to presenting its best proposals on transport, energy and sustainability. The Smart Energy Congress & EXPO brings together leading consultants, energy companies, technology industry leaders, startups and those responsible for major projects, to share their vision and discuss in Madrid on trends, challenges and opportunities to improve Energy Efficiency with the application of new technologies, in areas such as Cities, Industries, Energy and Large Technological Infrastructures.

Predictions in consumption (and in the bill)

In the current situation, with energy markets under upward price pressure due to various factors, the balance between consumption reduction and bill reduction is critical. "Having Artificial Intelligence technology that anticipates the behavior of consumption to predict the potential cost can be a key success factor in the sustainability of many businesses," explains Adrián Antonio Gómez Pastor, director of Smart Operations at Inetum, who will speak about Predictions in consumption to predict the bill, next Wednesday, October 27 at the round table on Artificial Intelligence, predictive analytics and cognitive services in the world of energy.

Smart charging bank for electric motorcycles

The IT services company Inetum, together with Iberdrola and Cooltra, are presenting in the Business Space area of the congress the smart charging bank for electric motorcycles, capable of housing 20 chargers each and multi-brand motorcycle batteries. "The smart banks are automated, ensuring a 24x7 service, and allowing a continuous improvement of the service with the application of big data and artificial intelligence" explains Francisco Javier Martínez Ovejero, director of Energy, Utilities and Industry at Inetum. The project was presented last May and is a candidate for the 'enerTIC Awards 2021', category 'Smart Mobility'.

Smart charging 2.0' through V2X technologies

Energy competitiveness, CO2 emission rights or boosting the market for renewable sources will feature prominently during SEC2021. Smart charging 2.0 solutions through V2X technologies are an example: "These new systems will allow vehicles, homes and buildings to be able to talk to each other, offering the end user a compensation model that will make the final price of the contracted services more attractive, and providing the marketer of the recharging service with tools that will make it more attractive compared to the competition". Jose Ramón Castro, Head of Digital Energy Hub Iberia & Latam Inetum, will talk about it next Thursday, October 28, at the round table Intelligent transport, electric vehicles and integration of distributed energy resources.

Self-sufficient and sustainable energy communities

Innovation and digitalization are impacting the world of energy and are determinant in moving towards a more sustainable society. "Decentralization in energy generation is an unstoppable force and the possibilities of self-consumption are proven. Now it is necessary to look at how to manage this new situation." Ubaldo Serna, Application Services Manager for Energy and Industry at Inetum, will present solutions for self-sufficient and sustainable energy communities in the Innovation Area.

More than 2,500 m2 of exhibition space, 9 knowledge spaces and more than 100 speakers, including Inetum to support the celebration of, a unique opportunity to meet and discuss with other organizations committed to efficiency and sustainability on the challenges, trends and opportunities of the energy and digital transition.

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