Gfi becomes Inetum

Gfi becomes Inetum

A new name and a new identity to represent the group's psoition as an expert in today's digital sector

After 10 years of continuous growth, the Gfi Group changes its name and identity to mark its entry into a new era. Its CEO Vincent Rouaix confirms the maturity of the group and its reputation as a challenger and pioneer in its market, unifying its identity at a global level. In a post-digital transformation stage, in which change is constant and movement is permanent, Inetum reaffirms itself as an IT services group that delivers the best to their clients.


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A new name and a new identity to represent the Group's transformation into a global group of 27,000 professionals in 26 countries, with considerably strengthened capacities to act locally and closer to its clients.

  •  In the last three years, the Group has doubled in size, increasing its revenue from €1 billion to €2.3 billion due to a proactive strategy of mergers and acquisitions, combined with strong organic growth (55% of its revenue is generated outside of France).
  •  As a Group with geographically distributed activities, it is capable of presenting its clients with an expanded and reinforced offer.
  • Its exclusive European FabLabs network is constantly expanding and consists of more than 300 digital experts.

Today, the Gfi Group announces its new name and becomes Inetum, Positive Digital Flow. This new identity is the culmination of a continuous growth strategy led by its CEO Vincent Rouaix over the last 10 years, using organic growth and successive acquisition to expand and implement the Group's solutions portfolio internationally. Its most recent acquisition of IECISA in April this year enabled the Group to achieve a turnover of 2.3 billion euros (pro forma) and to expand to nearly 27,000 employees worldwide. The Group now operates in 26 countries including Europe, Latin America, the United States, Africa and Southeast Asia. The new name introduced today will be implemented in all the Group's subsidiaries.

A new image to represent what the group has become. A name that asserts its ambitious and enterprising spirit of conquest. The name has its roots in the Latin word "incrementum", meaning growth. With a graphic expression that represents the combination of talents that form a single entity, ending in a “pixelated” arrow to symbolize the growth of the Group, always pointing towards the future.

At the launch of this new identity, Vincent Rouaix declared: “Assuming a new name is much more than an achievement, it is a new chapter for a group that has been radically transformed over the last 10 years. It will allow us to establish ourselves as a pan-European leader and a reference in the market, our positioning as digital market experts will accelerate our growth worldwide and maximize our ability to attract talented professionals, one of the pillars of our success. By becoming Inetum, the group expresses its ambition to become an engine of innovation and co-success for our clients."

The Gfi group is a historic pioneer in the sector, maintaining its bold and entrepreneurial culture from its inception. Gfi has grown alongside significant social, economic and technological changes and is now preparing to write a new chapter in its history.

The new name will better integrate its experience in the development and diversification of solution offerings and its global presence, while tackling the new challenges and demands from both clients and society. The world has entered a post-digital transformation stage where uses and requirements are in a state of continuous reinvention in the search for solutions that do not yet exist in the market. In this constantly changing world, the challenge for companies and organizations is to adapt to a continuous digital stream that will open economic, administrative and social horizons. Inetum is focused on the performance and positive impact that companies, organizations and institutions will have on women, men and society as a whole. Helping them make the most of the digital influx. This is at the heart of Inetum's mission: to make this new digital world a world of success and commitment.

A mission based on a triple approach of proximity-closeness, automation-industrialization-digitization and solutions-innovation.

For Inetum, this new identity is also an opportunity to highlight its solution offering to help their clients face new challenges. The current context is accelerating the visible upheaval of all business sectors. Inetum's strength lies in its ability to address these challenges in all sectors, with the right combination of experience to cater to the specific needs of each client. These solutions include:

  • Omnicommerce: for a crisis-stricken sector where lockdowns have further accelerated changes in consumer behaviour and weakened the sectors who have lagged behind in their transformation, we have devised agile innovations so our clients can better meet consumer expectations and transform quickly, review their retail model, offer greater personalization, and create new consumer experiences, etc.
  • Industry 4.0: industrial sovereignty, production location and the limitation of the impact on the climate are key issues in France and Europe's economic policy; Industry 4.0 should allow manufacturers to better address consumer needs through faster production and a reduction of their environmental footprint, providing the key to an industrial renewal yearned for by society.
  • Cybersecurity: with increasingly digitized use, a rapidly developing demand for teleworking and an intensifying economic battle, organizations are increasingly vulnerable to attacks; Strengthening their protection can only work if all stakeholders are aware of these vital issues.
  • Smart Cities: the health crisis has accelerated both urban and rural transformations; If data management is key to the successful adaptation of cities through the anticipation of the habits of their inhabitants, then organizations must be able to produce, analyse and understand this data.
  • Digital Banking and Insurance: with confinement reducing access to bank branches, digitization has taken a leap in a matter of months, pushing industry players to catch up with the backlog; While fintechs have created new uses at lightning speed, for others, the challenge is to take the lead by continually innovating and inventing new habits of the future.

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