Inetum bets on a hybrid and flexible work model 

Inetum bets on a hybrid and flexible work model 

Inetum in Spain (formerly Gfi and IECISA) presents New Flow.

New Flow is the name for this plan launched to combine the best of the traditional model with new ways of working, always under the premises of flexibility, trust and mutual commitment between the company and professionals.


Creation date : Mon, 10/25/2021 - 13:12

Madrid, October 18, 2021

Inetum, European leader in digital projects and services, presents a hybrid and flexible work model designed to combine the benefits of teleworking with those of presence, looking for a meeting point that provides a safe environment of exchange and growth for all professionals, and at the same time, favors family reconciliation thanks to new working models.

In the words of Carlos Muñoz, Corporate VP Iberia - Latam at Inetum, "it's about putting everything we have learned into practice. Both the company and all the professionals who make it up have demonstrated during this difficult period that we are prepared to continue moving forward. We have maintained the highest quality standards, despite the difficulties posed by the pandemic. We are ready to continue to evolve, with the market, technology and society, as our motto Positive digital flow says".
Digital employee & hybrid and flexible model. 

New Flow was born with the digital employee, who has at his disposal the resources and tools necessary to perform his work from different locations, and under the premise of flexibility to address the different casuistries that occur in the company. 

The ultimate goal remains to provide the best service to our customers and ensure the smooth running of the company while preserving the health of professionals and promoting family reconciliation. With this in mind, Inetum seeks to combine the best of both worlds (virtual and face-to-face) so that its professionals can access the benefits offered by each. On the one hand, face-to-face work is key to team cohesion, social interaction, the learning process, and networking with other professionals from the company, the sector, and the associative and technological fabric. On the other hand, teleworking facilitates work-life balance, eliminates physical or distance barriers and reduces travel time, among other things. Therefore, Inetum is committed to the combination of both approaches with a hybrid and flexible model managed by team leaders and taking into account the circumstances of each case and project.

A new approach to the workspace

This plan also addresses the evolution of the workspace to adapt it to this new model. Open work areas, without fixed workstations, elimination of offices, increase of collaborative areas to encourage creativity, multifunctional spaces to make the most of them, modern and comfortable are some of the guidelines that have marked the redefinition of the new concept of Inetum offices and that begins with the upcoming inauguration of its headquarters in Spain, in the business area of Chamartin, Madrid.

The new spaces will also be equipped with the necessary resources and measures to guarantee a safe environment, putting into practice everything learned during the pandemic and complying with the requirements of the health authorities.

Commitment to talent

This plan is part of the company's commitment to talent, having hired more than 1,400 professionals throughout Spain during 2020, despite the health crisis, and having exceeded 1,100 hires by mid-September of the current year, with forecasts to reach and even exceed the figure for the previous year. These incorporations join the current team of more than 6,000 professionals in Spain (the second country in terms of turnover and workforce within the multinational) and Inetum's 27,000 employees worldwide. 

Similarly, and in line with Inetum's involvement in training activities, knowledge generation and promotion of talent, on September 14, the renewal of the collaboration agreement with the Polytechnic University of Madrid was formalized through the Inetum Chair in IT Business and Digitalization that both entities launched 4 years ago. This initiative develops conferences, seminars and specific courses that help future computer engineers to approach the professional world from a very early stage, 

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