National Company of Rhone

Speak the same language.

A General Management aware of the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and its challenges.

Following the successful roll-out with the Asset Management division, management decided to roll out the course within its senior management (IT department, directors, etc.) with the following objective: Show how technology can add value to a traditional process and change the perspective of a management team.

In order to facilitate exchanges between actors and collective work, Inetum has set up support for general management.

We have set up real tailor-made support throughout the training, both to encourage participation and interest and to accelerate learning, as well as appointments with an AI expert at the end of each module. training to go further and exchange.

At the end of the training, a face-to-face workshop will be organized to open minds, have a broad vision, with a presentation oriented REX / use case.

💬 "The data is precious to us for each of these programs and in particular for implementing predictive maintenance of the locks. I started by acculturating my colleagues to AI issues. The proposal of Inetum appealed to me a lot, we shared the same objective: to build a common vocabulary, solid and without buzzwords. I received a lot of positive feedback, both on the excellent educational level and on the ease of activating the modules and their ergonomics. We are now going to offer our directors the first two modules.” Christophe Turbidi, Head of Factory 4.0 at CNR