Testing office "TMO"

Testing office "TMO"

Service for functional and technical certification of applications

Functional Certification and Technical Certification Service. Also testing governance services performed by third parties.

We carry out all kinds of tests with professionals specialized in different business domains and technologies, both manually and automated tests:

  • Service integration tests, APIs, Backends.
  • Web application testing (Java, Javascript and .Net)
  • Mobile app testing (Android and IOS) • Host application testing
  • SAP application testing
  • Banking application tests
  • Core Insurers product testing (Sisnet, Guidewire, iONE, Cleva and I2S)
  • End to end testing of business processes

In our services we carry out tests that validate all the characteristics of the software:

Functional testing

  • They validate the ability of the software product to provide functionality that meets stated and implied needs, when the product is used under specified conditions. We test that the functionality covers all the tasks and objectives specified by the users, that the functionality provides correct results with the required level of precision, and that the functions are appropriate for the specified user tasks and objectives.

Performance tests

  • Validate the efficiency of software performance, relative to the amount of resources used under certain conditions. Response and processing times, throughput ratios of a system when it performs its functions under certain conditions, and determine if the maximum limits of a parameter of a software product or system meet the requirements.

Compatibility and integration tests

  • Validate that two or more systems or components exchange information and / or carry out their required functions when they share the same hardware or software environment.

Usability testing

  • Validate that a software product can be easily understood, learned and used, and be attractive to the user, when used under certain conditions. It should also protect users from making mistakes. And included in these tests, those of Accessibility, which validate that a product can be used by users with certain characteristics and disabilities.

Reliability tests​

  • Validate that the systems perform the specified functions correctly, when used under certain conditions and period of time. Reliability under normal conditions, availability for use when required, fault tolerance to operate as expected in the presence of hardware or software failures and the ability to recover, directly affected data and restore the desired state of the system in case of interruption or failure.​

Security Testing​

  • SAST and DAST tests validate that information and data are protected against unauthorized persons or systems. Aspects such as Confidentiality, Integrity, Non-repudiation, Responsibility and Authenticity are validated.​

Maintainability tests​

  • Through manual reviews and automatic static analysis we validate that a software product has been built to be modified effectively and efficiently, due to evolutionary, corrective or perfective needs. Aspects such as Modularity, Reusability, Analyzability, Ability to be modified and Ability to be tested are reviewed.

Portability Testing​

Validate that a product or component can be transferred effectively and efficiently from one hardware, software, operational or use environment to another. Includes installation and configuration tests.​