Advanced ITOps

Fulfil the digital promise

Businesses expectations in IT operations are drastically changing in the digital era.

IT departments are under pressure to move as soon as possible towards a new hybrid and multimodal operating model.

Digital transformation induces multiple impacts on IT production operations ... 


  • Radical optimization of the IT production operations budget  

  • Data volumes growth, IS complexity, and dynamic infrastructure capabilities

  • A technological platform that gives businesses the autonomy and agility to produce at their own pace 

  • An enhanced end-user experience measured in real time (Public Cloud quality has become the norm)

  • IS integrated natively with external ecosystems

  • Managing security threats and regulatory requirements 

… putting increasing pressure on IT Operations to deliver the digital promise: 


  • Current processes and organizational models are a barrier to meeting new challenges 

  • Exposure to human errors and threats is sky-rocketing 

  • New IT operations must increasingly reflect business performance 

  • IT infrastructure services have limited capabilities to deploy innovation at large scale

IT operations must become an enabler of digital solutions and adopt a new approach both industrially and across your various businesses.

Modernize your IT production

Rethink tools and practices to improve your IT operating systems.

  • Automated processes and tasks at the right scale 

  • Service continuity and performance supported by dedicated AI

  • Open and secure IS

  • New-generation emergency services

  • Comprehensive, integrated and traceable technical and business hypervision

Significantly improve your performance

We bring you infrastructure services that support the development of digital business offerings with strong competitive advantages.

  • Tangible improvements in IT service quality, time to deliver, safety and costs

  • Real-time visualization of business and end-user performance

  • Manage the complexity of multimodal IS in a hybrid ecosystem

  • Self-scalable IT services to adjust to operating pressure

  • Standardize, stabilize and accelerate the execution of production operations

Significant improvement in the long term, up to:

  • 15% less IT production teams workload*

  • 30% more productivity*

  • 30% less incidents in terms of number and duration*

  • 30% increase in satisfaction*

  • 40% less infrastructure capacity used*

(* depending on the level of industrialization already implemented)

Four components to support your digital flow from end to end

To implement our value proposition, we have defined a modular approach that enables us to adapt our actions to each client’s unique transformation journey.

We’ve developed 4 stand-alone modules based on the Inetum 4D model (Decide – Drive – Deliver – Disrupt) to support you from end to end:

hyper-automation of operational tasks, carried out at the right scale, repositioning your IT production team on value-added activities. Based on a SRE/InfraAsCode delivery model: no more IT technology long-term debt is generated on any new products or services, and historical debt is managed along the run. The impact on overall performance is monitored and improved continuously, in a process of ongoing self-improvement.

implement and manage a hybrid cloud model to use the full potential of these environments to scale up your new products and service categories, and facilitate the development of native cloud applications. Offer a cloud service catalogue with added value for business lines, with full autonomy and ease of use, and in line with their budgets thanks to FinOPs.

provide consistent, real-time visibility to your business: align and corelate all data produced by IT components involved in a user process (technical, application and IT repository metrics). Be able to detect abnormal behaviour and, by coupling with a bank of automats, act proactively and efficiently with the help of artificial intelligence dedicated to IT operations. Completely redesign crisis management to manage critical incidents more efficiently.

a fitted solution to protect your business and secure your digital flow. Support the end-to-end definition and implementation of your security strategy. Structure and guarantee natively secured architectures and fully log operations over time.

Build qualitative service offers with strategic partners

We continue to upgrade the latest technical innovations in the IT sector

Together with our partners and clients, we develop the service offer best suited to mutations in our sector.

Our employees receive regular training and are certified in the most innovative technologies in the IT sector.


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