A deep transformation of banking models

A positive reponse to customer challenges, competition from new entrants, and regulatory pressure

An environment of persistently low interest rates and declining margins, continued regulatory pressure, increasing competition from new entrants in a part of the value chain, and innovations developed by fintechs, is challenging traditional and established banking and specialised financial service players both in B2C and B2B.

In a post-digital-transformation era, banking customers are increasingly aware of costs and expect their banker to provide a quality, seamless and fully personalized customer experience.

The future leaders of the banking sector will have

  • Mastered the use of data to personalize their offers, services and customer journey;; developed new products and services, taking advantage of new technologies and disruptions (IoT, 5G, developments in the field of payments, etc.);
  • Developed a strong customer relationship by building customer loyalty through offers specifically adapted to their needs;
  • Relied on an ecosystem of partners (start-up, fintech, reg tech and technology partners) to go faster and reduce project costs;
  • Successfully transformed their legacy information system to reduce costs and increase openness.

We are committed to your end-to-end transformation

Innovation, quality of customer service, operational efficiency, security, compliance… we help your business and IT teams to create value.

A digital transformation approach that combines banking-business expertise with solid IT capacities

Our business and IT experts support you in the implementation of digital capabilities, the use of your data, the adaptation of your processes, organisation al models and information systems for the development of new products and services, the improvement of customer relations, the improvement of operational efficiency, and the control of risks (credit, compliance, operational, structural and market).


The capacity to support you in the transformation of your legacy systems

Our intimate knowledge of banking information systems as well as our tools, architecture and development capabilities have enabled us to assist major players in the European banking sector in the transformation, replatforming and APIisation of their information systems.

Innovation, digital capacities, industrialization and proximity to meet the challenges of the banking sector

Our knowledge of the banking business

Our teams bring together a solid knowledge of front- and back-office banking activities: account management, savings products, management of means of payment, loans, and market activities for both corporate and individual customers.

Our innovation, data and digital capabilities

Our teams can support both in the implementation of data and digital infrastructures and in the data usage development projects and the implementation of digital pathways. They rely on experts networks who master the best solutions in agile working modes, combining business and IT resources. We are partners of the Finance Innovation cluster, which enables us to develop privileged relationships with the Fintech start-up ecosystem.

Our knowledge of legacy banking ISs and our ability to support their transformation

On behalf of major banking players in the market, our teams ensure the management and development of large areas of banking information systems, and have developed offers for the development and transformation of these information systems.

Our model combines proximity to the customer and teams in 26 countries

We support the development of our clients in the banking sector in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Our unique and dense territorial network allows us to build a long-term relationship with all our clients.

Transform your models

We support our clients in the transformation and digitalization of the banking business and of their information systems.

Customer journeys and CRM development
We rely on our digital onboarding solutions and our partnerships with major market players, coupled with our intimate knowledge of banking business processes, to support you in the complete digitalization of your customer journeys and the development of your CRM solutions.
Investment banking and asset management
Our specialized investment-banking, corporate-banking and asset-management teams support clients in all their front-office, risk, regulatory and back-office projects.
Payment business models
We support you in the development of new payment offers (B2B and B2C) and in the transformation of your payment chains, particularly in the development of instant-payment and m-commerce and e-commerce models.
Loan processes and businesses (companies, individuals)
We have developed a "smart finance" platform for car and equipment leasing and rely on market solutions as well as our knowledge of loan processes to support our clients in the field of bank loans.
Risk and compliance management
We rely on our data processing capabilities and knowledge of the main risk-management and compliance processes to support you in the transformation of your risk and compliance functions, particularly in the development of climate and environmental risk management.
Transformation and convergence of banking information systems
We use our intimate knowledge of core banking solutions, teams of architects, mainframe capabilities, and testing and certification capacities to support you in large-scale transformation projects for your legacy systems.