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Your challenges

► Suppliers of mass consumption, whether in the food industry or consumer goods, are increasingly confronted with the paradox of sustainability, reducing environmental impact, and local and social production. At the same time they are increasing the purchasing power of their employees, but also their consumers-customers by keeping prices low, which is still a battle horse of their main distribution network, namely mass distribution.

► This paradox is a source of continuous improvement, and can become THE main message of some brands. Danone was the first company to be proclaimed “Company with a Mission” with the aim of “bringing health through Dairy and Vegetable Products, Baby Nutrition, Waters and Nutrition”. SEB has spread the use of 3D printers to supply its spare parts without any time limit beyond the legal guarantees. Retailers are not to be outdone, following the example of Carrefour and its “Act for Food” programme.

► Marketing methods are also something to think about – the increasing complexity of networks (hundreds of thousands of specialised eCommerce sites), the massification of large players, direct sales and disintermediation, etc. With here also a paradox – less dormant stocks, more responsiveness.

► IT and information systems play an important part in resolving these paradoxes: from production optimized in terms of resources, to component traceability, systematic and real-time quality control, a better understanding of customer research in order to produce wisely, and the necessary openness and connectivity of information systems to streamline and accelerate processes at the level of the company extended to its multiple sales networks or its suppliers, in real time.

We support your transformation from end to end

Definition of business issues, translation into an IT roadmap, plan for cohabitation with your existing IS, urbanisation and enterprise architecture, OmniCommerce user stories, etc.
Search for new solutions, RFI, RFP
Definition of implementation projects, budgets, schedules, issues, governance, and methodology (Agile, DevOps, SAFE...) 
Benchmarks of best practices in the sector, business, IT, start-ups
Implementation and steering of transformation programmes 
Change management 
RUN and evolutionary maintenance of all or part of your IS

Modernization of the application portfolio, APIs, connectivity 
Rationalization and security of IT infrastructures: Cloudification, Hybrid Cloud, IaaS mode, PaaS mode, Cloud architectures, Impact on development models, etc.
Adapting the working methods of IT teams and their collaboration with business lines

Our FabLabs enable you to devise, model, test and industrialize innovative solutions tailored to your needs: 
computer vision, blockchain, IoT, etc.

Our Software division has a practice dedicated to supply chain and food production. Our software offer includes:
A complete ERP for Food Processing companies, suppliers to the mass distribution sector (Nutrition Health, Lu...)
Software for optimizing warehouse operations, from making appointments with transporters to optimising flows. 
Cross-functional software for managing printed or paperless documents (Bdoc, Rflow) or TAM (Time and Activity Management: Chronotime Workplace).

Models and services

Innovative models and local services delivered industrially for your differentiating projects

Consumer goods and food products are at the crossroads between the processing industries and mass distribution, with strong constraints. Inetum is able to bring together its different areas of expertise in all these fields (Industry 4.0, Digital Retail, IoT, blockchain, supply chain and stock optimization, B2B CRM, etc.) to intervene at every stage of your information system.

In terms of services, Inetum is one of the leading IT services companies in France, and stands out through its combination of:

strong customer proximity, as evidenced by a very fine network of 40 sites in France,
a broad portfolio of services to manage the entire project lifecycle from scoping studies to operations,
great flexibility in contractual models since we can work on the client's premises, as well as near-shore or off-shore, and in technical assistance as well as in fixed-price or BPO mode,
a strong capacity for innovation, with six innovation centres (including Paris, Nantes and Lyon),
a high level of industrialisation with 4,000 employees in 22 shared service centres,
a strong ability to work with clients in a collaborative and agile mode with proven co-construction models.

Inetum thus provides its clients with:

the proximity and flexibility of a specialized IT services company,
industrialization specific to global IT services companies,
the functional expertise of a leading business software developer,
the ability to innovate and deploy innovations at scale.

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A full spectrum of IS services, integration capability and software

Through its Consulting, Application and Infrastructure Services, Software Integration, Performance and Transformation, and Software business lines, Inetum covers the entire spectrum of services regarding information systems: • Upstream of projects, the implementation, or the RUN of all or part of the information system • In project management as well as in project supervision • In specific development or software-package integration

► Our Supply Chain Software entity offers: 

  • A complete ERP specialized in the business of mass-retail suppliers: 
    • Codification, Legal, Product tracking constraints...
    • Forecasting Expertise, Replenishment, Production, Logistic, Distribution
    • Planipe Software: Inventory Optimization
  • Software for optimizing road traffic in warehouse areas (from carrier appointment to warehouse with safety management to warehouse planning optimization): OptiYard
  •  Stock optimization, thanks to advanced predictive algorithms: our customers see stock shortages halved, with a 15% reduction in stock.
  • Transport optimization tools (TMS) or complete warehouse management (WMS).

► Inetum's software catalogue includes cross-disciplinary software for the digitalization of employee relations (Chronotime Workplace), or the digitalization of multi-channel communication (Bdoc, Rflow).

► Our skills in software package integration cover all the functions of a retailer, from central purchasing or product design (SAP retail or fashion), to CRM (Salesforce, Microsoft), support functions (SAP, Oracle, Sage, JDE), shop tools, supply chain, etc.

► A specific BU specializing in the integration and maintenance of eCommerce websites (Magento, SAP Hybris, Sitecore, or specific developments).