e-Commerce – responding to new consumer habits

Boost your digital footprint with a new product and service purchasing experience on web and mobile.

► Purchasing habits have already been changing due to digitalization, but the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictive measures has accelerated the trend. 

► In an unprecedented situation, consumers have had to turn overnight to online commerce to the detriment of physical shops, leading many companies to rethink, often in an accelerated way, their economic model and diversify their distribution channels.

► The B2B sector is also changing, with the arrival of new generations of digitally educated buyers. Sales to professionals via websites are accelerating, gradually catching up with B2C, with an increase of almost 50% in the last two years. Sites must therefore evolve to consider the specificities of the digitalization of inter-company orders (often repetitive purchases, at negotiated prices and large volumes).

► Finally, the rise of the omnichannel, a new standard for purchasing and consumer behaviour, as well as the attractiveness of “Direct to Consumer” type development strategies for the consumer-goods sector, are accelerating the construction of comprehensive digital, business and IT platforms where e-commerce plays the role of a powerful central driver.

Give your assets a digital boost

An e-commerce project generates value on digital channels and provides innovative services for customers – a new standard in digital footprint.

Enhance and optimize your product presentation using PIM and DAM capabilities.

Adopt a specific business strategy for e-commerce channels to complement and improve your company’s strategic position.

Give your customers the choice of their preferred channel and adjust related services to it.

Use all e-merchandising capabilities to make the experience unique and completely personalized.

A personalized, omnichannel shopping experience

  • Inetum supports major retail, industry and service brands worldwide to enhance their customer experience and increase their online business, deploying best-in-class B2C and B2B e-commerce platforms. 
  • Buying experience has become key in the choice of products or services, sometimes even more so than price. Browsing from one screen to another, consumers are now multi-connected and hyper-solicited.

Inetum builds online sales sites that address new challenges to improve conversion rates:

  • Optimized display for smartphone or tablet sales, which should quickly become the majority (mobile first)
  • Use of artificial intelligence to personalize content and recommend products
  • Smooth purchasing and payment process in just a few clicks
  • Ability to expand the offer in the face of players such as Amazon, eBay or Alibaba
  • Real-time stock sharing to avoid stock shortages and capitalize on the complementarity between web and points of sale
  • Omnichannel management capitalizing on the complementarity with physical networks (web-to-store, click & collect...)

Expand your service offer​

Inetum offers you a comprehensive service catalogue – whether you already have an established e-commerce website or are looking to expand your business to e-commerce:​

  • We define your omnichannel or Direct-to-Consumer strategy.
  • We design a complete multi-channel architecture and roadmap for you.
  • We analyse your needs, formalize processes, and assist you in your choice and benchmarking of solutions.​
  • Design customer journeys to optimize UX and boost your conversion rates.​
  • Set up online sales sites linked to your information system and capable of absorbing high volumes of traffic.​
  • Incorporate the specificities of each type of business, relying on B2C best practices to support the rise of B2B.​
  • Roll out unified product repositories with reliable, consistent information to facilitate the collaborative management of your multichannel catalogues.​
  • Expand the range of offers and depth of your catalogue, implementing purchasing platforms for easier access to attractively priced offers (B2B)​.

End-to-end support for your e-commerce projects

With multi-disciplinary teams that combine business, technical and UX/UI skills, Inetum offers you comprehensive support for your e-commerce projects:

Business advisory
In-depth knowledge of retail business processes as well as B2C and B2B specificities
Complex integration
Numerous references of sites and site-to-site factories in France and abroad, in connection with the main ERP, PIM and CRM systems on the market
Omnichannel experience
Expertise in use cases and solutions from the omnichannel sphere (payment, PIM / DAM, Marketplace, web-to-store, Click & Collect, unified stock...)
Strong partnerships with the main software developers on the market and a thorough knowledge of the solutions, enabling us to maximize the use of standard features
End-to-end services
Skills covering all project phases – advice and assistance in choosing a solution, UX/UI, architecture and implementation, rollout and maintenance
A construction methodology and an industrial integration platform guaranteeing the quality of deliverables

Solid partnerships to build future-proof solutions

We have privileged partnerships with the main software developers on the market whose solutions are recognized by analyst firms as future-proof, tried and tested:


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