Agility at the centre of your ongoing transformation​

Combine productivity and security with user satisfaction and job fulfilment.​

Digital transformation and the quest for agility are now sweeping through every company. Project mode is giving way to product-oriented organization, from business to IT. Who can resist the promise of greater productivity, responsiveness and operational reliability when it is combined with greater value for users and professional fulfilment?​

At the heart of this movement, Inetum offers you Agile@YourScale​

Modernize your operational model​

We support you from start to finish in your quest for agility, from business to IT and support functions. ​

To be Agile and reap the benefits of TTM and value, Inetum helps you rethink your Operating Model:​ ​

  1. Master practices (Craftmanship, DevOps, SAFe, etc.) and tools, from Ideation to Operation​
  2. Rethink your organization in line with your company's products or services​
  3. Adapt managerial skills and postures towards true agile leadership​
  4. Support at your pace and ambition, according to your operating modes​ ​

Inetum combines Consulting & Change, Coaching & Expertise, and Agile Outsourcing to support you in all aspects of your agile transformation.​

Support your modern product lifecycle from beginning to end​

We implement seamless agility at product and company level. ​

Inetum is your global partner at each stage of your transformation towards Agility, both at company and at product level. ​

Our business consultant teams practise value-based product management to feed our agile teams, who commit themselves to the security and proper functioning of solutions as they go live. Inetum thus supports you throughout the lifecycle of modern projects. Inetum practises seamless agility and end-to-end responsibility. Inetum's contractual innovation ensures optimal value creation for your business while developing the know-how of your employees for eventual re-internalization. Collaboration is established thanks to value KPIs and Lean IT performance drivers.​

The transformation consulting team supports you from start to finish, from strategic consulting to operational implementation for customer and employee value creation, by once more putting the human factor at the centre of your transformation process.​

More than 350 consultants dedicated to agility​

Our agile offering is supported by expert teams, service centres and partnerships built around a global organization. ​

  • Agile Centre
  • Change-management coaching​ Expertise (tools, architecture...)​
  • Communities of practice​
  • Agile outsourcing / Agile Service Centres / Digital Factories​

​in organization and transformation (business and IT)​
sites in France + a worldwide presence​
consultants, coaches, experts, and agility architects​
Clouders, containerization, CI/CD, niche players, etc.

A catalogue of services to maximize value to the end customer​

From ideation to operation, including scaling and change management, our offer covers all your company’s needs in terms of agility.​

All the services to introduce agility, become agile, and stay agile from ideation to use and from the controller to the service leader. We have a rich service catalogue to help our clients from the top of the company, with Business Agility, to the operating teams, through autonomous feature teams.​ ​

Agility starts with business partners, through Design Thinking/UX, Product Management, Agile teams, Incremental Development, and Software Craftsmanship. Of course, all our IT is done in DevOps and is based on Infrastructure as Code. Our end-to-end services go from Ideation to Operation on the same business product.

The Agility we offer stretches across the enterprise, through long-term or temporary organizations, as designed in Scalable Agility, Product-Oriented Organizations, and Digital Platforms. This agility also embeds our clients' partners and suppliers in Agile Contracts and models.​ ​

This agility can only flourish with a strong consideration for the development of people and their Soft Skills, and by leading them through Agile Leadership and Change Management. ​ ​

All of this is naturally inspired by Lean Thinking.​ ​

The added value of this offer, which brings together many others, is to maximize Value, which originates as close as possible to your clients' customers, and which truly comes into its own once it goes live, with the targeted operating reliability. This sure and reliable value implies mobilizing a large number of stakeholders within efficient organizations. It means motivating and engaging employees who find meaning and ownership in what they do. ​

Methods, technologies and benchmark partners to let agility serve performance​

Build your Agile ecosystem.​

  • SAFe​
  • Scrum Alliance​
  • DEVOPS Institute​
  • Red Hat​
  • AWS​
  • MS Azure​
  • Git​
  • Gitlab​
  • Jenkins​
  • Sonar​
  • Klaxoon​ ​ ​

They trust us​

Many players in the public and private sectors use Inetum to leverage agility within their organizations. ​

  • iMSA​
  • French Ministry of Justice​
  • NavBlue​
  • BNPP​
  • Société Générale​
  • AG2R​ ​

A wide ecosystem of offers​

Increase your value with our agility-related solutions. ​

UX Governance & Design System​

UX governance & design system is the foundation of your ability to succeed in your UX approach over time, throughout your whole organization.

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Inetum Consulting

We build change together with our clients.

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