Webinar: Sage X3 V12 Migration

Webinar: Sage X3 V12 Migration

Sage X3 up to your ambitions!

Webinar: Sage X3 V12 Migration


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V12, the definitive version of Sage X3!

Choosing V12 means migration for the last time. Regular quarterly releases will bring you new functional and regulatory features.
You are guaranteed to be up to date and to choose an ERP, the spine to your information system, agile and durable.

We invite you to discover together the enrichments of this V12 platform, which allows you access to the latest technologies (AI, blockchain, etc.), advanced processes (real time, management, etc.) and expert APIs.

You want to control your migration project?
We will review the migration options and methods provided by Inetum.

All managed successfully, it's Sage X3 V12

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