Infrastructure Services

Inetum Infrastructure Services

Rethink, build and deliver the latest generation of IT production services, in a multimodal* and hybrid environment, economically optimised, agile and scalable, in line with the pace and scope of your business needs.


*Multimodal: the capacity to deliver the service at the client's premises, at Inetum, in shared or dedicated mode, in their country of origin or abroad, with a variety of innovative invoicing options.

Speed up your transformation

Rethink, build and deliver the latest generation of IT production services to your business lines.

Beyond the execution of a reliable industrial production that continuously improves its quality of service and productivity, IT Operations must now address the following challenges :

  • The management of infrastructure obsolescence and the necessary transition to new technologies involving the adaptation of the application base,

  • TCO optimization control,

  • Service verticalization, product aproach and end-to-rnd agility,

  • Improved end-user experience, measurable in real time,

  • Opening up the IS,

  • Guaranteed IT security.

Hybrid, multimodal approach – a winning strategy

We cover all the latest generation Infrastructure service families from end to end, from transformation to IT operations.

We support IT Departments in creating value for Business, by building and managing new-generation IT products that go beyond infrastructure services and bridging with applications.

In this way, we take a holistic approach to your IT production challenges based on :

  • your business needs, and not just through the prism of operations or technologies,

  • a specific multimodal and hybrid ecosystem in continuous transformation, 

  • achieving the goals of your business stakeholder.

And, because the transformation projects of any company are above all human projects:

  • we mobilise and pool all the energies of your ecosystem (business and IT divisions, as well as your technology and managed-services partners) around a common goal,

  • and accompany the maturing organisation of your IT operations towards new-generation execution models.

Meeting your challenges is our priority

Benefit from the pragmatic approach of a committed industrial partner.

  • Agile and digitized information systems to accelerate your company's time to market and digital transformation
  • Hyper-automated, hybrid infrastructures
  • Safe and reliable services
  • Best practices implemented
  • -10 to -30% on TCO
  • Control transformation risks and costs
  • Multimodal services
  • On site or streetshore, multi-shore, outsourced skill centres, or dedicated and shared service centres
  • Financial models expressed in man-days, fixed prices, units of work, service catalogue, growth remuneration, pay-per-use...

8 modular offers

that combine naturally to address all your needs

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