How to use Intraverse?

A virtual world to enchant your employees, help them integrate or support your recruitment drive !

Use Intraverse as a collaborative tool to innovate, co-create and share. It provides real added value for your staff thanks to : 

  • Personalised user paths
  • Privatised exchange spaces
  • High added-value virtual services
  • A gamified experience (Likes, points and badges)

A complete digital learning solution that enables schools to complement existing face-to-face/distance classes with online and virtual learning experiences that immerse students in an experiential environment that fosters learning, ownership and social interaction.

A platform that enables educators to :

  •  Put learners in situations where they can apply the knowledge they have acquired in class 
  • Independently design and distribute immersive training modules
  • Provide a gamified learning path to create communities of learners

Easily create and deploy your immersive training offer.

The use of immersive training has already been demonstrated for several years: 

  • A reduction in training time of more than 50%, 
  • 80% reduction in travel costs, 
  • A 75% reduction in work-related accidents,

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Customer Stories

Boehringer Ingelheim

Create your own VR training course

A client trained and coached in their first virtual reality training creations that accelerated the training process, reducing on-site training while providing new employees with a gamified and powerful training tool.
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Expert opinion

Our Intraverse experts speak out 

A 45-minute look at the contributions of these #technologies and their impact on our current and future uses and professions.

It's also an opportunity to ask the right questions about the #societal and consumer issues they raise, and to exchange views with our participants!
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Training in virtual reality in industry, a challenge taken up by Inetum's innovation teams !

We accompanied them in the Lyon #FabLab with our Inetum innovation teams, both on the good teaching practice aspect and on the use and handling of our product developed by us, INTRAVERSE.

Together, we worked on adapting this solution to their business needs. This means that they now have training modules that can be adapted over time. Their trainers can easily adapt them, without having to code.

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"The digital industry is facing a growing challenge: how do you train employees in potentially dangerous or costly tasks without exposing them to unnecessary risks?"

With this in mind, our teams have for several years been developing a platform for creating immersive situational experiences, in particular to meet this use case with a clear promise: to halve training time, while minimising the risk of accidents and reducing costs, without negatively impacting the quality of training.

There are more developments to come, and we're counting on generative AI to help us develop libraries of objects in 3D. The metaverse is not dead, it is simply less the object of fantasies, financial stakes and far-fetched expectations. At Inetum, we're responding to real use cases. And that gets the job done!

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If there's one innovation topic everyone has been talking about for the past few months, it's the metaverse!

The arrival of the metaverse in the world of #education allows us to break free from both physical constraints, and geographical & budgetary barriers, limiting the possibilities of bringing impactful educational experiences to pupils and students.

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