Facilitate cooperation through immersion.


Intraverse is a low-code solution to design and run Virtual Worlds without any XR related technical skills.​


  • Configure or edit virtual worlds without being an XR expert


  • Organize and deploy collaborative sessions for your customers or your coworkers


  • Intraverse sessions can be accessed from any devices thanks to UMI3D

Co-work in virtual immersion

Speed up decision-making with extended reality.​




A physical space can be captured (via 3D scanner for example) or modelled. Simulate reality and interactions/consequences/reactions that may occur. 3D simulation in VR is proven to produce a higher memory retention rate. It allows you for example to train on a machine, practice specific operations, test processes, or carry out security checks. ​




3D immersive visits give an immersive experience with realistic quality of real-scale objects and/or places.​ This accelerates decision-making in the design or sales phase.




Intraverse is a comprehensive solution to prepare and run cooperative XR work sessions without any XR-related technical skills. 

One of the crucial parts of any design project is to make quick and efficient decisions. Effective communication of 3D concepts requires an immersive design review. You can access this through a user-friendly interface that both interacts with models and performs the necessary checks and correction requests in the Virtual World. All this can be done remotely by all concerned stakeholders from any location. ​ 

Create your virtual world without being a 3D expert​

A solution that’s compatible with any device that supports virtual environments. ​

Experiences designed with Intraverse are compatible with any device supporting XR thanks to UMI3D technology.

Intraverse Sketcher can import all major 3D formats (obj, gltf, fbx). We can also provide you with custom connectors to convert and import native CAD or BIM from your information system. 

Intraverse Sketcher lets you design Collaborative Virtual Environments that are powered by UMI3D, an open-source technology developed by our team.​

Intraverse Factory lets you plan collaborative XR sessions from a single interface. Calendar invitations are automatically sent to participants.

Intraverse Factory lets non-IT users deploy collaborative XR sessions. Any tasks needed to deploy a collaboration server are automated.​

Intraverse Sketcher makes the creation of entire virtual worlds accessible to users without any experience in designing XR solutions.​

Intraverse, the building of your virtual work environment​

A modular offer that respects your autonomy. Intraverse consists of three modules to make you autonomous from the design of collaborative virtual worlds to the scheduling of collaborative sessions in XR:

Prepare / Create a Collaborative Session​

  • For a designer to prepare a collaborative session​
  • A codeless editor for Collaborative Virtual Worlds​
  • Enables you to: ​
    • Choose an environment​
    • Import your own 3D assets​
    • Define interactions


  • Enables managers to plan experience sessions​
  • A tool for planning the experience​
  • Participant selection and invitation​
  • Automatic session deployment on DTM servers to make it accessible through the web or enterprise network​


  • For end users​
  • Stores experiences and automatically updates 3D items and interactions ​
  • Runs Collaborative Virtual Worlds on Windows server or on premise

A solid technological base​

Intraverse is built on a several technologies.​

UMI3D is an open-web protocol invented by Inetum for multi-device collaboration in XR. Intraverse is built on UMI3D to make virtual worlds designed with Intraverse compatible with any existing or future XR device.​

Unity is the most frequently used game engine in the field of XR. Intraverse Sketcher and Intraverse Server are both designed using this outstanding engine.​

The API enables you to collaborate around BIM files in IFC format. Our on-shell BimData connector lets you import BIM models from BimData by simple drag & drop in Intraverse Sketcher.​

Pixyz.batch is a benchmark solution to optimise your native CAD/BIM data and convert it to XR-ready formats. We use it to built custom connectors enabling you to drag & drop content from your information system to Intraverse virtual worlds without interrupting digital continuity.​

They trust us

Intraverse fulfils diverse needs.​


Boehringer Ingelheim, an international German pharmaceutical company with operations in 45 countries, launched a study to identify the added value of Virtual Reality training for their production teams.

Convinced of the positive impact of this type of approach, they carried out a study and framing mission over one year. As part of this reflection, they would like to become autonomous in the medium term in the production of Virtual Reality training materials.​


Our teams supported Boehringer in its thinking process to:​

> Understand the world of virtual reality and possibilities in terms of training, for example through workshops and a day of immersion and acculturation,​

> Produce prototypes to project themselves and carry out the key phases in designing virtual-reality training.​

A software offer in construction​

Discover our related offer.​

Industry 4.0

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