A comprehensive capacity management system to minimize infections and enhance travel safety

A comprehensive capacity management system to minimize infections and enhance travel safety

Implementation at Madrid Puerta de Atocha and Barcelona Sants stations


Creation date : Fri, 04/09/2021 - 17:34

Madrid Puerta de Atocha and Barcelona Sants stations installed this system in their departure lounges to enhance security and optimise resource management.


IECISA, now Inetum, has installed a capacity control and queue management system at the entrance of the boarding lounges of Barcelona Sants and Madrid Puerta de Atocha stations. In the latter, the effectiveness of the system can already be verified with a pilot installation, as part of the security measures for the prevention of Covid-19.

Adif, the entity that owns and manages both stations, has demonstrated its social responsibility commitment to the citizens, through the implementation of necessary prevention measures in train stations with higher passenger traffic, such as Madrid Puerta de Atocha and Barcelona Sants.The project was awarded to IECISA and its proposal. The proposed system is based on a mesh of zenith sensors located over the area of interest, in such a way that it allows each traveller to be traced individually, distinguishing them from suitcases and luggage trolleys. The indicators obtained by the sensors are managed and processed through a cloud platform.

The Comprehensive Entrance Capacity and Queue Management System offers real-time monitoring of the length of access queues and capacity control, which enables early alerts to be established in the event of a possible indicator overflow. This data, in turn, enables the optimization of the entrance to the departure lounges via information to the passengers, improving the cleanliness of the bathrooms according to the volume of use and introducing the possibility of regulating entrances and allocating of personnel in accordance with specific service requirements. “This solution”, according to César Guillén, head of the project and the Electronic Security line at IECISA, “not only enhances safety but also improves customer service and service management, which translates into placing Adif in an advantageous strategic position in the Covid environment both in the short and long term”.

During the pandemic, IECISA designed and deployed solutions to help organizations effectively manage their return to normality. As an expert consultant in digital solutions since the beginning of this extraordinary situation, it has offered technological solutions aimed at managing the established measures for the contagion prevention in airports, stations, supermarkets or stadiums, using remote measurement of body temperature, control of distancing between people, communication and user information systems, prediction of influx through Machine Learning algorithms and a contactless on-board payment system.

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