Inetum, Platinum status as a Forcepoint partner

Inetum, Platinum status as a Forcepoint partner


Inetum reaffirms its experience in cybersecurity by obtaining the highest level of partnership granted by the American company, a pioneer in helping organizations to secure their business and where there are only two Spanish companies.


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This level demonstrates Inetum's ability to take on projects hand in hand with Forcepoint solutions. It is also a key indicator for customers of Inetum's knowledge and experience and its ability to react to incidents. "In a partnership program, there are two variables at stake every year: turnover and training; maintaining this level requires effort and commitment, not only in terms of turnover, but also in terms of training", explains Ricardo Gaspar Hoyos, Head of Cybersecurity Alliance at Inetum in Spain. 

For Inetum, having reached the platinum level with Forcepoint is an achievement that "distinguishes us from the rest of our competitors, by demonstrating solvency in security projects. There are only two Spanish companies with this high level of capability in Forcepoint solutions," adds Gaspar Hoyos. 

Forcepoint has a very specialized cybersecurity portfolio focused on areas in which Inetum is strong and maintains a consolidated position. According to Forcepoint's Channel Director, Lucas Rey, "we are very pleased that a strategic partner like Inetum provides its customers with a network security model based on a strict identity verification process, where training is the foundation for success".  

Forcepoint's vision is to understand cyber behavior in the world with the goal of stopping the bad and unleashing the good. The way to deliver the best solutions is by fostering secure and trusted environments, through a converged platform that understands cyber identities and their cyber behaviors to protect employees and critical data everywhere.
Inetum, Positive digital flow.

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