Do you speak AI?

Do you speak AI?

Inetum gives high-school pupils a chance to learn about Artificial Intelligence

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Inetum, leading provider of digital services and solutions, gave pupils at a high school in Evreux the chance to follow its Artificial Intelligence acculturation course in January. “Do you speak AI?” is a gamified training course designed to introduce learners to the key concepts of Artificial Intelligence. The pupils with the highest scores received prizes at a special award ceremony with a virtual-reality environment.

“Do You Speak AI?” – understand what Artificial Intelligence is

Last December, pupils in the STI2D vocational programme and the BTS programme at Lycée Modeste Leroy in Evreux received an invitation to follow a learning path on Artificial Intelligence. Developed by Inetum's innovation teams, "Do you speak AI?" is designed to make learners aware of the key concepts of Artificial Intelligence. With this initiative, Inetum makes this sometimes complex subject accessible to a wider audience.

Available in French, English and Spanish, and accessible from a PC, tablet or smartphone, the course was adapted to high-school pupils by gamifying the learning process with a forum where they could chat and share their thoughts. Riddles and quizzes throughout the course gave them a chance to test what they'd learnt individually and as a group.

The winners get to spend a day of immersion at the Inetum FabLab in Paris. They will be able to explore the place and see what it does, project themselves in innovation, try out digital technologies, and find out what it could be like to work in digital fields.

With this “Do You Speak AI?” digital course, the 75 high-school pupils were able to learn more about Artificial Intelligence through key concepts and use cases. Throughout the course, they interacted with Inetum experts via the forum and during dedicated sessions.

The exercise also served to test the roll-out of an “outside the classroom” open-learning course to high-school pupils, who could access it outside of school and classroom hours.

An award ceremony in a virtual environment

The pupils who scored the highest marks received prizes at an award ceremony at their school, which was attended by Guillaume Deprez, Head of the Paris FabLab, Hervé Le-Ster, Academic Inspector of the Rectorat de Rouen, and members of the Direction de Région Académique du Numérique pour l'Education (DRANE). Using its Intraverse platform, Inetum created a virtual environment for the pupils, with an immersive experience unlike anything they'd seen before. With Intraverse, Inetum gives access to technologies that reproduce social interaction as well as all sorts of physical interactions with the world in which the user is immersed.

Hervé Le-Ster, Academic Inspector of the Rectorat de Rouen, reports: “The training course proposed by Inetum looked really interesting. I've been wanting to test new devices in digital technology and intended to kill two birds with one stone: give students a chance to become familiar with AI, and have them learn in their own time, outside of school. The feedback so far has been positive, so much so that we left the course open for the whole month of January.”

“The pupils quickly took to this innovative and challenging learning experience and took full advantage of their access to the training platform. This initiative is part of our desire to acculturate different audiences, and youngsters in particular, to the possibilities the innovation brings. Inetum offers learning paths for different audiences that allow everyone to learn the key concepts of new technologies in a fast and fun educational format. We hope that this experience will have given these future talents the chance to project themselves in digital professions, and maybe some ideas for future careers,” says Jean-Francois Gaudy, Corporate Vice President, Innovation & Digital of Inetum Group.

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