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Inetum, a European leader in digital services and solutions, in partnership with Hubtobee, a French startup specialized in collective intelligence, have co-developed a telecommuting and flex-office management application. Born from a strong technological partnership, Hubtobee Flex is a simple solution that responds to new corporate needs arising from the rapid evolution of work methods that combine face-to-face and remote work, as well as mobility.

More and more people are working from home nowadays. The often individualized mix between face-to-face and remote work, inside and outside the company walls, means that many variables must be taken into account in order to provide a concrete and efficient management solution. This change towards a hybrid organization of work also strongly accelerates the needs around the optimization of workspaces in companies.

Facilitating the transition to a hybrid work organization

For companies and institutions, the challenges of digitalizing the management of this hybrid organization of work and workspaces are considerable in terms of efficiency and management.

The Hubtobee Flex application is based on real-time information-sharing and allows employees to organize their work more efficiently. With a simplified user path, this collaborative presence management is done through shared calendars between teams and communities. The tool also benefits managers who can manage collective performance more effectively, and fulfil company agreements while capitalizing on the human link.

More globally, thanks to the analysis of data shared on Hubtobee Flex, the organization is able to better manage these aspects. The result is an optimization of square meters and fixed costs; and potentially also a reduction of the environmental footprint.

Flex-office is not just about using open space to compensate for the absence of a workstation for each employee. In this new model of workspace allocation, it is essential to offer the best conditions for all types of work formats. It is necessary to know where and when employees are present, on which site, and to know in real time how many employees are present at a time in order to adjust numbers to the capacity of a room, a zone, or a workstation, or to reserve a shared resource in an instant (workstations or individual offices, co-working rooms, connected meeting rooms, lounges, etc.). It is also important to take into account the number of outside visitors, or to foresee employee flows in order to anticipate the needs for third-party services (parking, catering, shared mobility, vehicle fleet, etc.).

Combine the agility of a start-up with the R&D and industrialization capabilities of a large IT services company

"Hubtobee Flex was born in 2020 from a shared vision, between Inetum and Hubtobee, of new ways of working. The strength of this technological partnership to develop the solution is based on our combined expertise," explains Louis de Veron, Co-founder of Hubtobee.

"This development has benefited from Hubtobee's agility in upgrading its historical solution dedicated to business travel, and from the industrial research and development capacity of Inetum's teams in adapting a technology to a new use case to bring to market an efficient and complementary solution dedicated to the growing expectations of clients who are dealing with hybrid work management," explains Martin Hubert, General Manager of the Software Business Line at Inetum.

Inetum's position and expertise as one of Europe's top 10 digital solution providers allowed us to work with Hubtobee's teams in a logical and compelling Time-to-Market perspective.

"At Inetum, we have grown while maintaining our entrepreneurial culture. With this strategic partnership, we are pursuing our R&D ambitions on innovative solutions to help our clients, institutions, large companies and SMEs, to harness the continuous digital flow by taking changing needs and uses into account. Inetum's R&D teams are engaged on a daily basis with Hubtobee's teams to co-develop and propose an efficient solution for all companies moving to a hybrid work organization. In addition, the application opens up new possibilities for our clients who use our Workplace Management solution called Chronotime dedicated to time and activity management," Martin Hubert adds.

Hubtobee Flex is a turnkey SAAS application that integrates 100% with pre-existing systems, and is secure and available now.

About Inetum, Positive digital flow:

Inetum is an agile IT services company that provides digital services and solutions, and a global group that helps companies and institutions to get the most out of digital flow. In a context of perpetual movement, where needs and usages are constantly being reinvented, the Inetum group is committed towards all these players to innovate, continue to adapt, and stay ahead. With its multi-expert profile, Inetum offers its clients a unique combination of proximity, a sectorial organisation, and solutions of industrial quality. Operating in more than 26 countries, the Group has nearly 27,000 employees and in 2021 generated revenues of €2.2 billion.

About Hubtobee

Hubtobee was founded in 2015 by Louis de Veron, Benoit Rabourdin and Bruno Rochet, when it launched its first app, Hubtobee Travel, to enrich the potential of business travel. In 2020, the startup introduced a new solution specializing in hybrid work management, called Hubtobee Flex. Its goal is to strengthen interaction and collective intelligence to create the most effective hybrid environment.

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