Inetum & UiPath - Retraining for RPA

Inetum & UiPath - Retraining for RPA

Inetum supports return to work with certification training for RPA developers on the UiPath solution

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Inetum has set up training accessible to job seekers as part of an POEI (Operational Preparation for Individual Employment) to support them in their retraining for RPA (Robotic Process Automation) jobs. At the end of a 3-month training course started on 7 March, the 11 new developers who received certification, as proof of their skills on UiPath solutions, will join the Inetum teams from June 2022.

Within a context of accelerating digitalisation, the need for skills in new areas of expertise is growing. And faced with these recruitment difficulties, Inetum supports the retraining of job seekers to become certified developers on the best RPA solutions with its technological partner UiPath, a specialist in robotic process automation solutions.

Process automation, a strong lever for operational efficiency, performance and organisational competitiveness, is not immune to a tight talent market and growing demand from companies, to which we need to be able to adapt quickly and effectively.

Supporting business performance through skills certification

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, automates repetitive tasks performed using business software and optimises productivity to unlock human potential. This process allows IT teams to refocus on tasks with higher added value.

To design these automation processes, companies must use qualified, certified developers. Certifications guarantee know-how and expertise in the design and use of RPA solutions. UiPath, a company specialising in the development of software and RPA platforms, has developed a certification course that’s a benchmark in the market and has become a selection criterion for hiring future developers.

This is the objective of this programme for job seekers undergoing retraining.

Promoting professional retraining and access to employment

Since 7 March, an intake of 11 people has started the Inetum face-to-face training at La Défense (Paris), which will end on 27 May with the obtaining of UiPath certification.

Recruited from Pôle Emploi, in charge of employment in France, in collaboration with Inetum's Mission Handicap, the 11 candidates embody diversity, ranging from mechanical engineers to doctoral students in science, and generally from outside the digital world although they present, through their former profession, a certain appetite for digital and the entrepreneurial spirit to retrain in a buoyant sector.

Cédric Fernandez, Head of France Digital, Performance & Transformation at Inetum, explains: "This initiative committed to returning people to work is based on the development of expertise that makes it possible to combine obtaining a recognised certification with a job offer within the Inetum group. The training was co-designed jointly with UiPath, in collaboration with Orsys, a leading training organisation. It guarantees operational autonomy by the end of the training. It’s part of a logic that aims to encourage professional mobility, the ability to adapt and the upskilling of various profiles. »

After obtaining certification, the people trained will be operational to integrate into the Inetum teams and support its customers. To guarantee the best integration within the existing teams and a rapid increase in skills, the people recruited will initially work under the responsibility of senior colleagues to capitalise on the expertise developed by the Group in this type of business.

This training also demonstrates a strong societal commitment from Inetum and UiPath to support return to work.

Florent Bavoux, Partner Director Southern Europe at UiPath, confirms: "We’re delighted to be able to work with Inetum on this initiative, which is part of our corporate responsibility and our skills upscaling and rescaling initiatives to certify developers on our solutions and meets our commitments to government as part of 'Tech for good'".

It should be remembered that, to meet the support needs of its customers, Inetum, the European leader in digital services and solutions, is recruiting 7,000 new employees worldwide, including 3,000 in France this year. POEI programmes represent approximately 10% of Inetum recruitments in France.

About Inetum, Positive digital flow:

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