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Public Safety, what solution do you need to manage your emergencies?

Inetum, the European leader in emergency information and alert processing systems​

In 2019, Inetum acquired SIS, thereby positioning the Group as a leading European business in emergency information and alert processing systems. Emergency management, administrative management... Public Safety is an important area and affects our citizens. That's why Inetum does everything in its power to offer you:​

  • Scalable software solutions, designed for and by our customers​
  • Business experts, working as close as possible to the operational realities of the field​
  • A methodology that is tailored to carry out the most complex projects​


A major objective: help our customers save precious time and offer a better quality of service.

Our client references

More than 25 years of professional expertise in public safety

of all SAMU (Emergency medical response in France) services​
of all SDIS services​
of all departmental councils ​in France
of French cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants​
of all metropolitan areas​
of all regional councils in France

A catalogue supplemented with vertical and cross-functional solutions

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For more than 30 years already, the Inetum group’s Software Business Line has occupied a unique strategic position as a business software developer for the Public, Healthcare & Social, Supply Chain, Insurance & Finance and Public Safety sectors, as well as cross-sector solutions for Time & Activity Management and Digital Document Management.  That’s more than 50 business software programs!

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