The safety partner for your region

Use Artemis Safe City to control safety in your community.

Manage the safety of your area with Artemis Safe City​

The result of more than three years of reflection and trials around the Safe City, Artemis Safe City is an innovative solution that gives cities more resources to improve safety in their area.


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A global vision to improve urban safety

Keep a hand on the safety of your region with Artemis Safe City.

Stay informed​

Artemis Safe City gives you a global vision. You can view all the interventions in progress in your area in real time and be alerted in the event of a hazardous situation.​


Stay connected​

Agents in the field, activation operators, duty officers, managers, administrators and partners work together to manage response more effectively. Mobilize your emergency services and partners even faster.​


Supervise and anticipate​

Centralize your data and produce operation reports that support you in your decision-making. ​

Personalize your risk management in public areas

Keep your city safe with Artemis Safe City

  • A solution designed to meet your operational conditions and specificities​
  • Tailor-made scenarios built with our experts to address your challenges​
  • Our teams support you throughout your project and provide maintenance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A solution that supports your IT strategy

Opt for a full web solution with Artemis Safe City.

Choose Artemis Safe City and get:​

  • A solution that can be adapted to any IT strategy​
  • A full web solution which is easily integrated into any Information System​
  • A single interface that focuses on user experience so that users can take control quickly​
  • An embedded Oracle or PostgreSQL database​
  • Compatibility with the two main OS servers on the market: Linux & Windows​
  • A mobile solution available on all devices

Features that are specific to your business requirements

A complete solution that can be tailored to your operational conditions

A modular and scalable solution tailored to your business units: ​

  • Trigger alerts​
  • Monitor and coordinate response at regional level​
  • Mobilize the necessary human and technical resources in a few seconds​
  • Follow the incident throughout the process with integrated mapping ​
  • Check available resources in real time​
  • Design customized scenarios to anticipate any situation​
  • Analyse operational performance and identify areas for improvement 

An eclectic portfolio of business solutions

A complete offer to support you more effectively.

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For more than 30 years already, the Inetum group’s Software Business Line has held a unique strategic position as a business software developer for the Public, Healthcare & Social, Supply Chain, Insurance & Finance and Public Safety sectors, as well as cross-sector solutions for Time & Activity Management and Digital Document Management. That’s more than 50 business software programs!

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