The alert management solution dedicated to the Municipal Police

A COMPREHENSIVE TOOL designed around the realities of the business

ARTEMIS SafeCity is a solution that covers the entire operational perimeter of the Municipal Police from a single tool.

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Functionalities specific to your business

ARTEMIS SafeCity becomes the ally of the Municipal Police facing the challenges of city security.


Inetum, the European leader in alert processing and operational decision support information systems, has been supporting fire brigades and emergency services throughout France for over 30 years.

On the strength of this experience, the Inetum Software teams want to continue to put all their expertise at the service of public safety, based on the realities on the ground. It is from this ambition that ARTEMIS SafeCity was born, a solution adapted to the specific challenges of the Municipal Police.


Our initial ambition is still the same: to make the day-to-day life of those who guarantee the safety of citizens easier.

The operational challenges faced by the Municipal Police have therefore naturally become a priority, and have guided the functional upgrades to our historic solution.

Also available in a mobile version, ARTEMIS SafeCity is a real day-to-day aid for all Municipal Police staff: operators in the urban supervision centre, teams in the field and management bodies.

Concrete benefits for every function of the Municipal Police

From alert management to operational monitoring and reporting, everything is now centralised in a single tool, which is also available in a mobile version, making it easier to manage incidents and facilitating collaboration between teams.

Receiving and classifying alerts:

Entering the information sent by the caller is simplified thanks to a comprehensive and intuitive online form.

Mobilisation of troops:

Thanks to a real-time view of the location of patrols and their level of qualification and equipment, the operator can mobilise teams in an informed manner.


Triggering an intervention :

Teams in the field are notified of the nature of the intervention and all the necessary information via their smartphone.

Feedback and reporting:

Once the intervention is over, the teams can easily complete the claimant's file.


Access to statistics:

All intervention histories are listed and centralised in a single tool providing an overview of the region's security context.

Data capitalisation:

Intervention histories and their nature are used as levers for decision-making and prevention.


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