Prioritize your emergency calls

Centaure 15, emergency call regulation software for emergency services

Centaure 15 is a latest-generation medical regulation software program. It facilitates the management of emergency calls and decision-making to deliver the right care. Because every second counts, the solution optimizes and streamlines each regulatory step by facilitating the collaborative work of the stakeholders and monitoring the patient's care path.​

Centaure 15 is used by emergency-reponse centres in France (SAMU) to organize their processing of vast numbers of incoming calls and save lives as a result. Number "15" call centres receive 31 million calls each year!


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A solution tailored to your needs

Centaure15, a solution co-built with our customers

A solution jointly constructed with our customers to match your needs as closely as possible:​

  • A fully integrated system to streamline decision-making​
  • Rely on our experts: support is guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week​
  • The COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated Centaure 15's ability to be deployed in crisis rooms in record time​
  • Optimize your administrative tasks

Maintain your IT strategy

Opt for a full web solution with Centaure 15.

Centaure 15 gives you:​

  • A modern solution that can be adapted to any IT strategy​
  • full web solution that is easily integrated into any Information System ​
  • Software connected to all emergency partners (SDIS, Ambulance driver, etc.)​

A comprehensive and mobile functional offer

Centaure 15 offers wide functional coverage​.

Automate in order to better regulate and coordinate the use of emergency services.​

  • Automatic creation of a file for each pick-up ​
  • Permanent link between the call and the regulation file​
  • Automatic geolocation of the call with integrated SisMap mapping​
  • Manage the workflow of interventions using a tracking chart​
  • View the patient's care path in order to provide an effective follow-up throughout their treatment by the SAMU emergency unit​
  • You can easily consult the treatment protocols and emergency response cards for intervention procedures built into the solution​
  • Automatic mailing (email, fax) for the benefit of medical stakeholders​


Deploy the right resources:​

  • Locate the emergency resources that are necessary and available: ambulances, doctors, pharmacy, helicopters. Your vision is global.​
  • Quickly activate the means of intervention to match the right level of care (SMUR, VSAV, PDS, etc.)​.
  • Centaure 15 offers a regional dimension so that several SAMU services can jointly regulate the same file and pool the available resources​.


Operate on the go with Sispocket​

  • Sispocket is the mobile solution integrated in Centaure 15. With Sispocket, field operators communicate data to the regulation function from their smartphone. You can now monitor operations and transmit information feedback in real time using simple processes. ​

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