Paperless for real

GECCO, a collaborative digitization platform for your community

With the collaborative document management platform, paperless becomes a reality. Rely on an electronic document management system (EDM) which streamlines your processes, optimizes your management costs and develops new uses within your organization. With your GECCO software, you can easily switch to agile mode! Build a completely paperless work environment that streamlines your operations and improves communication in your organization and with citizens.​

Speed up your processing

A single interface to process all your documents 

Improve your processing, validation and signature lead times. With GECCO and its electronic signing system, you save 25 to 30% time in your internal processes. Say goodbye to paper and divide the number of printed pages by four on average. A real benefit for the environment and for the finances of your local authority.​

With electronic signature, the remote transmission of your documents is guaranteed automatically without any additional handling. Your process is simplified and secure. GECCO, Inetum’s digitization software, provides a return on investment from the second year of use. Like the 150 local authorities and establishments equipped with the fully online Inetum electronic signature system, you too can count on a proven and effective solution that will significantly reduce the load of your validation and signing processes. ​

A modular solution for progressive digitization​

GECCO, new digital experiences across your organization

GECCO lets you gradually add the modules you need to digitize step by step.

A proven and effective solution

Quickly measure the improvement in your electronic document management system

Modular offer​

With GECCO-Parapheur, you can easily file any type of document that needs an electronic signature. ​GECCO-Délib is the key module for composing the planned deliberations of your local authority in collaborative mode. You manage the steps up to the vote and have all the documents arising from a meeting. As for GECCO-Flux Entrants, it will help you significantly improve your mail processing and management (scanning, distribution, processing of responses).​

Easy integration​

The GECCO-Integration component facilitates the connection of the GECCO platform with all the business applications used by your local authority. Another benefit: the software can be integrated with all the main electronic archiving systems and electronic safes on the market. Similarly, integration with third-party remote transmission systems on the market is fully supported thanks to GECCO-TDT.​


With GECCO, teamwork is king! You can easily add items, invite contributing writers and readers, and give or ask for a review. From the program's home screen, each user can see the invitations to work together on a document or a digital file. ​

On the go​

GECCO is designed as a real digital office that you can take with you. You can consult, target and sign documents wherever you are, given that the software can be used on smartphones and tablets. You can also read digital files when on the go. Steering and management tasks are made easier and you can speed up your decision-making. ​

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A single point of entry

Objective: total digitization of your documents and files!

All the documents of the local authority are managed in the unique GECCO interface. You can easily search, approve or electronically sign a document in a single tool. Offered on premise or in SaaS mode, the solution is easy to install.

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