Manage your travel expenses more efficiently

GFD simplifies travel expenses

Put an end to the time-consuming administrative and financial management tasks associated with travel expenses by making them easier to process on a daily basis by managers and agents who are on the move. ​

Digitize your travel expenses ​

GFD is simple and efficient

Decentralize, digitize and automate the management of staff travel for local authorities and public establishments. Standardize and streamline procedures , let all the stakeholders contribute more easily, comply with regulations, and calculate reimbursements using a secure process. ​

A profitable investment​

You'll save significantly in terms of time and cost. Management costs and reimbursement times can be halved compared to heterogeneous manual procedures, and investment can be recouped from the second year of implementation.​

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Intuitive end-to-end processing

A simplified online experience

The GFD tool and its agent web portal are dedicated to monitoring travel expenses. It handles the entire procedure, from the moment the assignment is issued to the transfer of fees for payment.​

The ergonomics of the Web Portal are designed to be very quick to use without any special training. The online experience is made as easy as possible.​

Our flexible software suite includes HR management (expenses sent to payroll via Astre RH) and budget management (Astre GF / PhaseWeb / Grand Angle / PEP).​

Managing expenses on the go - our solution is mobile- and tablet-friendly.​

All data and processing remain confidential.


A solution that fits in with your model​

Installation tailored to your needs​

SaaS, PaaS or On Premise, find out about your options​.


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