Astre GF

Improve your financial performance

The management software for every financial activity that takes budgetary requirements into account​

Astre GF is the answer to the financial challenges of local authorities, giving the option to manage every activity smoothly and clearly, while taking into account the budgetary requirements and lowering running costs thanks to your financial management information system (FMIS).​

Due to regular regulatory and budgetary changes, local authorities need reliable and comprehensive tools to optimise and secure their current and future financial management. Astre GF can be used to :​

  • Facilitate budgetary performance and improve financial performance​

  • Monitor public contracts​

  • Manage regulatory issues​

In a secure workspace using management systems with intuitive and sophisticated ergonomics.


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Control your financial management

Multi-agency modular operational coverage

Astre GF​
Control your regulatory issues​

To meet your current objectives and be ready to face future challenges, Astre GF deals with the regulatory issues of the future. Get prepared for the arrival of the single financial account (M57 repository) or even the certification of accounts.​


Astre GF​
An alert and notification system to ensure the security of your work and minimise errors. ​

Indicators and management tools to ensure consistency in revenue monitoring, control expenditure, and facilitate budget preparation. The data is viewed in real time with dynamic display.​

Astre GF​
Intuitive ergonomics​

Astre GF is very easy to use and is produced in web ergonomics and native multimedia for easy handling. You’ll quickly become an agile user and benefit from a personalised presentation with your messages, your alerts, your tasks, etc.​

Integration of the financial IS

An open and effective technical architecture.

Streamline your IS​

With its open and efficient technical architecture, Astre GF facilitates communication between the different applications used by your local authority: integration with the existing financial IS is completed seamlessly. The improved connection with the various business tools improves the flow of actions and ensures greater consistency.

Optimise the management of your budget​

All the essential features for your financial management​

Features for optimal budget performance​
Astre GF deploys all the functional features needed for optimal budget performance. All the key functional features for your financial management are available in Astre GF. These include budget management and performance and AP-AE/CP management.​

Astre GF financial core​
Effectively integrates all budget performance features (budget management, commitment, purchase order, invoice management, money order payment/collection, certification, service provided). The solution natively integrates multi-year management.​

Astre GF SEM module ​
Includes every type of contract: simple, in instalments, in phases, call-off contract, etc. Make sure that the financial aspects of the award notice of the contract are perfectly completed until closure and get the key documents and data sent automatically to the assigned public accountant using the Contracts SEP.​​

Chorus Factures (ACF)​
Ensures that invoices from the Chorus Pro portal are automatically recovered so that they can be integrated into the Astre GF financial management system.  ​


An offer in line with your model

Your On premise or Cloud financial management software

A solution that adapts​

Available On premise or in the Cloud, your financial management software is designed to adapt to your needs and specifications.​


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