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Immos.Net – physical and accounting inventory management

Property management is an essential part of accounting that involves a Public Authorising Officer and Accounting Officer. Any property spending undergoes detailed scrutiny from the acquisition phase through to final sale or disposal. In between, there might be amortisation, provision and depreciation. Immos.Net enables you to collect budgetary documents regarding your investments, and automatically generates records on capital assets and on the subsidies that go into financing them. ​

Simplify and secure your management

Features that facilitate your capital-asset management

400 local authorities and public institutions have chosen Immos.Net to monitor their accounting assets. ​

- Your accounting inventory: Immos.Net is a comprehensive tool that lets you keep a close eye on your capital expenditures throughout their lifecycle – from the acquisition phase, through to final sale or disposal. The program assists you at every stage – amortisation, provision and depreciation – and helps you manage outstanding capital and subsidies. ​

- Your physical inventory: your accounting inventory can be accompanied by a physical inventory. Immos.Net lets you establish it in the field. You can also use the software to update information – occupants moving in or out, sale, etc. – to get a real picture of your property portfolio. ​

- Coherence: to give you an overall view and secure your management, Immos.Net lets you transfer data from your physical inventory to your accounting inventory. Aligning the two will give you a full, tangible picture of your community’s assets.​

Optimize the management of your accounting and physical inventories

Immos.Net improves your inventory processes from beginning to end

Immos.Net – a tried-and-tested software tool​

Immos.Net already equips 400 local authorities and public establishments. You too can opt for a tried-and-tested solution to help you optimize the management of your accounting and physical inventories.​

A solution that’s accessible to all users

A tailored, interactive solution for a 360° vision


  • Immos.Net communicates with Inetum budget-management solutions (Astre GF and PEP). These tools interface easily to retrieve all your investment-budget documents – indispensable for the automatic generation of capital-asset records as well as inherent subsidy records. This compatibility simplifies and secures your processes. ​

100% configurable​

  • With Immos.Net, you can customize the content of your capital-asset records, choose the criteria that suit you, and add others (e.g. property categories and numbering, locations, managers, etc.). Build your own records tailored to the uses of your community!​

Personalized access​

  • Your capital-asset management software tool is designed in such a way that any user can be operational fast, and easily use the different features. Everyone has personalized access based on the operations and information for which they are authorized. The confidentiality of accounting information is guaranteed at all times.​


  • The Immos.Net homepage consists of a full dashboard for your daily use. It gives you a real-time list of tasks to perform and documents to process. Immos.Net will send you alerts for priority things to do.​

  • The detailed situation of your assets is displayed clearly with dynamic graphs, so you know exactly where you stand.

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Software that's flexible

You can get Immos.Net on-premise or in cloud mode.

Immos.Net – a solution that is tailored for you​

On-premise or cloud – our solution adapts to your needs. ​

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