Optimize the management and monitoring of local authorities and public establishments

Régies.Net, the administrative monitoring software

Régies.Net handles your entire management process – from appointing stakeholders to posting expenditure and revenue in the accounts of the authorising officer. Use it to standardize your practices and improve their security. Accounting journals are standardised and secure when compared to non-standardised manual procedures. Expenses and revenues of the administrator can be posted to the accounts of the authorising officer without having to re-enter them via an interface. 

Adopt intelligent management software to optimize your management

Opt for total support​

Used in over 900 public agencies, the Régies.Net tool and its invoicing system are dedicated to the administrative, commercial and accounting follow-up activities of agencies. All your management tasks under public control are translated automatically by an accounting interpreter. Régies.Net carries out automatic checks for you on advances, cash and payment deadlines. Thanks to the Régies.Net tool, the data of your activity are integrated directly into the accounts of the authorizing officer. Régies.Net is a reliable solution guaranteeing the confidentiality of your receipts and expenses, as well as their processing.​

Facilitate the operational management of income and expenditure​

Management under public control – when visibility means security and real-time management!​

With Régies.Net, the daily actions of managers are automated and secured from start to finish, in association with all stakeholders. Added extra: optimized operational management of income and expenditure.​

Optimize your control system

A comprehensive tool for accounting departments

User-friendly interface​

  • The Régies.Net interface offers you a simplified experience to get started quickly. The system is suitable for users without in-depth knowledge of general accounting rules.​

  • Régies.Net offers intuitive guidance at each step throughout the process – useful and tangible.​

A 360° solution​

  • Imprest accounts, revenue collection and mixed accounts – all your procedures are covered by the system. You are guaranteed to produce compliant, complete and high-quality accounts. There is no missing link, from appointing stakeholders to sending revenues and expenses to the authorizing officer.​

  • To simplify your management, Régies.Net includes a customer invoicing system (for agencies with a commercial activity). Drawing up quotes and invoices linked to your sales catalogue is no longer a problem.​

Built-in features​

  • Put an end to time-consuming tasks like manual entries and checks – Régies.Net takes care of it! It highlights any anomalies, edits forms, checks your cash flow, etc. ​

  • To save you time and run everything more smoothly, the system automatically digitizes supporting documents like procedural documents (including sending emails). Plus it takes care of document archiving for you.​

A communication tool ​

  • Available on premise or in the Cloud, Régies.Net is designed to communicate with multiple and complex environments. It easily adapts to customer information systems via interfaces and other Inetum budget management tools (such as Astre GF and PEP). All this thanks to a flexible software suite. The link with public finance solutions is also guaranteed (TIPI – DFT.Net account statement).​

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