Iodas: software that optimizes your welfare support​

All welfare agents in your community can operate in one and the same software system. A comprehensive view that facilitates their work and decision-making in the interest of beneficiaries. With Iodas, you get a 360° view of your community’s welfare beneficiaries to optimize your support.


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Automatic calculation of benefits

Facilitate the payment of benefits and welfare support.

Refocus on your core business​

Thanks to a powerful engine for calculating the amount of benefits, you can eliminate errors and inappropriate accumulation of aid. As the French market leader, equipping 65 departments, Iodas welfare-service software automatically updates the amounts of aid in the event of reassessment, relieving you of time-consuming calculations. Via your dashboard, you can know the number of records to be processed, their progress status, and priority actions to be carried out. Our Field Welfare Services module covers the needs of managing the local reception of the public and the medical-welfare support of users based on their welfare record.


Open IS

An architecture that separates business and technical layers

Our solution is based on the following principles:​

  • Exposure and consumption of web services according to SOAP and REST protocols​

  • Implementation of communication layers by integrating Java APIs​

  • Strong GUI coupling by URL integration through frames​

  • Integration and production of asynchronous data flows in XML, CSV, JSON and other formats

Nearly infinite possibilities for customization

Build your custom software conveniently and securely

Shared ergonomics​

  • Iodas is used by several departments and services within the same community. As the ergonomics are the same, browsing is identical from one user to another. By working in the same environment, agents can exchange information more easily. This ensures fluidity.​

A configurable tool​

  • Iodas' customization possibilities are nearly infinite! The solution adapts flexibly to all organizations, all types of management and all types of services. Your workflows and internal processes can be configured to perfectly match your uses.​

Maximum confidentiality​

  • Instructors, administrative staff, managers, social workers... Multiple profiles have access to Iodas in your community. However, you can manage their access rights to the application according to their area of expertise. Confidentiality rules are strictly respected.​

Mobile too​

  • Iodas is a full web-based benefits management solution. Users can access it easily with a simple Internet connection, wherever they are, on a computer or tablet. Our Inetum teams designed the EvaPa mobile module that allows users to enter information (even offline) directly in the field of autonomy for the home assessment of elderly people. Useful and efficient!​

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A flexible business model

On-premise or cloud depending on what you want

Iodas: a formula adapted for you​

The Iodas solution is marketed in on-premise or Cloud mode.

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