Optimize your logistics

OptiDock is your collaborative solution for transport bookings

Organize your delivery and dispatch flows

When making transporter bookings, use OptiDock, a solution for manufacturers, distributors and logistics service providers to optimize your logistics and control and streamline delivery and dispatch vehicle flows on your logistics sites.

Accessible 24/7 for all your customers, transporters and suppliers, OptiDock enables you to organize your delivery and dispatch flows with regard to your reception capacity, and to anticipate coming loads.

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    Aim for real time

    Wide functional coverage 

    • Vehicle processing time

    • Human and material resources

    • Occupation of docks

    • Real-time information  

    • Built-in flow platform

    • Easy integration of the platform into the IS

    • Reduction of administrative tasks

    • No bottlenecks

    • Increased productivity

    • Reducted operating costs

    An integrated technological ecosystem

    Solid technological partnerships for a solution tailored to your needs

    Reliable partners

    We work with leading technology partners to support your growth strategy and offer you a complete solution that meets your needs and expectations:

    • Stackr
    • Infflux
    • Rhenus Logistique
    • Simastock

    Technologies for a collaborative solution

    • Business Intelligence
    • HTML
    • Application mobile

    A broad functional scope to cover all your needs

    OptiDock, the solution for more efficient site management

    • Configuration of multi-site delivery schedules according to the capacity of each site
    • Management of timeslots with a transport booking schedule that can be updated to accommodate last-minute changes
    • Management of all operations: reception, dispatch, return of goods, etc.
    • Planning and optimisation of preparation on logistics docks
    • Increased processing volume
    • Monitoring and analysis of transporters' punctuality
    • Non-compliance management
    • Delivery and dispatch tracking
    • Warehouse performance monitoring and analysis
    • Streamline procedures of vehicle arrivals and departures
    • Anticipate and distribute your workload
    • Reduce waiting and processing times at sites
    • Remove bottlenecks
    • Optimise your logistics teams
    • Optimise the occupation of logistics platforms
    • Reduce the costs of downtime
    • Reduce administrative tasks
    • Easy to book slots for delivery and dispatch
    • Quick access to the transporter booking schedule for all partners, suppliers, customers, etc.
    • Multi-lingual communication with all supply-chain stakeholders
    • Integrating and providing attachments (CMR, photos, security protocols, etc.)
    • Yard management of your logistics sites and large warehouses
    • Optimisation of trailer and vehicle movements
    • Analysis of the availability of vehicles and trailers at logistics platforms

    Data Visualisation Solution

    • Predefined indicators and dashboards
    • Real-time KPIs
    • “Presentation” feature for impactful restitutions

    Mobile application

    • Real-time view of activity (number of parcels, pallets, number of bookings, stock levels, etc.).

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    See who uses OptiDock

    Manufacturers, distributors, traders or logistics suppliers – all of these have chosen OptiDock to optimize their business through transport bookings:


    • Stokomani
    • Fnac Darty
    • Bonilait
    • Soccara (E. Leclerc)
    • Trigano
    • Duvel


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