Reduce without running out of stock

Planipe, your solution to optimize your stock

Optimize your stock levels

Planipe is your ideal demand-forecasting and stock-optimization engine!

Get a powerful and high-performance calculation engine, unique on the market, which will reduce your stock by 15 to 30% and prevent you from running out of stock.

Our stock-optimization and demand-forecasting engine lets you:

•  Define an optimization strategy

•  Quantify your management objectives (service rate, rate of orders, stock levels)

•  Calculate item-by-item forecasts

•  Obtain the quantities to be supplied


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Improve your service rate

Reduce your stock by 15 to 30%!

Planipe's Stock Level Optimization solution allows you to:


  • Optimize stock and service levels

  • Optimize constraints and purchasing conditions

  • Automate procurement

  • Achieve improved operational performance for forecasting and procurement functions

  • Diagnose and analyse flows and stocks

  • Make simulations on stock management

  • Achieve multi-warehouse balancing

  • Quickly achieve measurable and quantifiable ROI

  • Have an APS interfaced with all types of ERP, WMS, and more

Designed for you by our business experts

Innovation at the heart of our development

A powerful demand-forecasting engine

Our Planipe solution has been designed and developed by experts to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Supported by a powerful demand-forecasting engine, our solution gives you:

  • Adaptation according to the behaviour of each item
  • Automatic choice of the most appropriate mesh to estimate logs
  • Automatic filtering of outliers
  • Identification and treatment of slow or erratic flows

Technologies for a solution adapted to your needs

  • Powerful tailor-made forecasting calculation thanks to our internal R&D team
  • Prevco collaborative forecasting tool
  • Compatible APIs
  • Integration with your IS, ERP

Ongoing audit to optimize stocks

Planipe, your forecasting and stock-optimisation software

Thanks to its unique concept, Planipe defines a genuine stock-management strategy to reduce storage costs, improve your service rate, and avoid shortages.

Planipe calculates inventory forecasts, item by item, taking into account past and future history and events. Based on product strategies and behaviour, Planipe calculates and optimizes purchases and supplies.

  • Predefined indicators and dashboards

  • Real-time KPIs

  • "Presentation" feature for impactful display

  • Real-time knowledge of activity (number of parcels, pallets, number of appointments, stock levels, etc.).

A set of solutions for your supply chain

Retail, wholesale or industrial, Planipe is made for you!


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Thanks to our value proposition and tailor-made support, adapted to each of our clients, Planipe is the benchmark solution for optimizing your stock levels:


  • Auchan
  • MB Log
  • Orexad
  • Quincaillerie Portalet
  • Metronic
  • Laboratoire Marque verte


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