First edition TalenTIC 2023 Awards at Valladolid University

First edition TalenTIC 2023 Awards at Valladolid University

Two works related to health and medicine, awarded

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Two works related to health and medicine, awarded at the first edition TalenTIC 2023 Inetum Awards at Valladolid University

The award ceremony of this edition took place in the Aula Triste of the Palace of Santa Cruz, in Valladolid, and was attended by Mr. Antonio Largo Cabrerizo, Rector Magnificent of the University of Valladolid, and Ms. Mónica Herrero Fernández, Director of the People Area of Inetum in Iberia & Latam. The two awarded students, Ismael Lammini Rodríguez and Inés Calvo Bragado, presented their work, both related to the area of medicine and health.  

The University of Valladolid and the company Inetum maintain a collaboration agreement aimed at encouraging technological innovation among students of the Degrees in Computer Engineering, Degree in Telecommunications Technology Engineering and those university masters dependent on the UVa which includes the annual call for these TalenTIC awards. 

At the awards ceremony, the rector of the UVa, Antonio Largo, stressed the importance of these awards and the opportunity they represent to keep the academic institution at the forefront of knowledge: "The quality of the work presented shows that there is talent and that we must continue to focus on promoting it".

Mónica Herrero, Inetum's People Area Director for Iberia Latam, expressed her gratitude for this collaboration with the UVa: "One of the pillars of Inetum is to go beyond the merely technological. As a company focused on B2B2Society, we also want to generate a positive impact on society and with that ambition we are always looking for collaboration and meetings with academic institutions".  

Ismael Lammini Rodríguez's work has won the first prize of 1200 euros and consists of a technological tool to help in the early detection of Alzheimer's disease based on a product called CPRO (Cerebro Profundo), which analyzes the brain activity of an individual using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify patterns of this disease. The jury valued her "significant advance in the field of health" and the use of advanced techniques for the early detection of this disease "in a non-invasive and economical way", with an innovative approach that makes an exceptional contribution to the field of health.

The second prize, worth 600 euros, went to Inés Calvo Bragado for her work focused on the comparative study of medical image segmentation and post-processing software for 3D printing in medical education. Her work mentions several applications and advantages of 3D printing in medicine, such as the creation of anatomical models, the manufacture of customized orthoses and prostheses, and the development of surgical guides and personalized medicines, with the advantages and applications, as well as its possible future lines, emphasizing that the exponential growth of this technology in various areas indicates its enormous potential to transform medicine and other fields in the future. 

The president of the jury, Susana Álvarez Álvarez, vice-rector of Teaching Innovation and Digital Transformation of the University of Valladolid, emphasized the quality of the works presented in this first edition of the TalenTIC 2023 Awards. 

On behalf of Inetum, Juan Carlos Fernández Suárez, director of Inetum's Northwest Territory, and Juan Carlos Prieto de la Rosa, head of Inetum Castilla y Leon, attended the event. 

On behalf of the University of Valladolid, the rector was joined by Susana Álvarez Álvarez, vice-rector for Teaching Innovation and Digital Transformation of the University of Valladolid, and other members of the rector's team. Jorge Llorente Cachorro, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of the Junta de Castilla y León, also attended the awards ceremony.

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