Valencia Innovation Day 2024: the impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence on the SAP ecosystem.

Valencia Innovation Day 2024: the impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence on the SAP ecosystem.

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Valencia Innovation Day 2024: the impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence on the SAP ecosystem  

Inetum, SAP and Intel explore the impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence in the SAP ecosystem and what the evolution of AI applied to business represents. Automated vendor invoice entry, accelerated data entry management or customer support are some of the real-world applications shared by the two companies.

How is AI Gen being applied in business? Inetum, recognized as a Gold Partner of SAP, and Intel technology, have discussed during the Valencia Innovation Day 2024 about the incorporation of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI Gen) applied to the transformation of SAP's ecosystem of solutions. Gen AI opens up a world of possibilities for companies, allowing them to harness the creative power of AI to improve processes, optimize customer experience and make more informed strategic decisions. In addition, the future of Artificial Intelligence in the business environment has been closely analyzed, as well as to explore the practical applications and benefits that this technology can bring to organizations.

"Gen AI works and we are going to see it here with real use cases", said Manuel García del Valle, CEO of Inetum Iberia Latam, at the opening of this conference: "We, at Inetum, have already proven it, internally and externally: first, with a training plan launched to more than 28. First, with a training plan launched to the company's more than 28,000 professionals; and then with the full-scale deployment of Gen AI in Inetum Norte, both for internal processes and delivery, which will allow us to begin to take advantage of its potential and set the bar for an accessible, simple and agile value offer". 

Agustín Gallego, Director of Public Administrations at Intel Corporation Iberia, also spoke about the identification of areas with business potential for AI, real success stories and cloud solutions. And Javier Torrijos, Business Development Manager AM SAP at Inetum, explained the added value of SAP processes with AI Gen through use cases and examples of real applications that the company has developed, with the aim of improving the quality and efficiency of processes, automating repetitive tasks or generating new ideas and insights, such as the automatic entry of supplier invoices, customer support or accelerated management of product master data entry.

The subsequent round table, moderated by Nuria Sánchez Almodóvar, AI Practice Leader at Inetum Iberia Latam, was attended by industry experts: José Manuel García Duarte, general director of Information and Communication Technologies of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Model of the Generalitat Valenciana; Agustín Gallego, director of Public Administrations at Intel Corporation Iberia; Francisco Cánovas, General Director of Administrative Simplification, Modernization and Digital Administration of the Regional Ministry of Economy, Finance and Innovation of the Government of the Balearic Islands; Bernardo Valdivieso Martínez, Regional Secretary of Planning, Information and Digital Transformation of the Regional Ministry of Health of the Generalitat Valenciana; and José David López, Manager of the IT Department of Grupo Alacant.

All of them have provided their vision and experience in the transformation that Generative AI and the potential for example, for administrative simplification in the public sector, with a focus on improving the user experience. The opportunities and challenges around Generative AI are common to all organizations. The visibility of use cases provided in this conference allows to advance and discover more prepared environments towards what will be a full-scale implementation of Generative AI. 


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