Virtual dealerships for everyone's safety

Virtual dealerships for everyone's safety

Safety and prevention through the online car sales.

Online car sales are essential in maintaining safety during the sales process and in following Covid-19 prevention measures.


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The online sales process is being developed in more and more sectors, where the customer interacts with the seller through a platform without leaving their home. Consumers' buying habits are changing and extending into the digital realm. One of the sectors that understood the relevance of digitization to boost sales and client contact was the automobile industry, which has been promoting the possibility of interacting remotely for the last few years. This reality has been further accentuated after the cessation of commercial activity due to Covid-19. Now more than ever, dealerships understand the need to accelerate the evolution of their sales process towards a more complete digital environment in order to sustain their business and offer the best service to their customers.  IECISA offers a digital transformation proposal to help vehicle sales companies adapt to the current situation easily and safely, providing them with the necessary tools to move towards a future of fundamental digital transformation.

Client contact

Digital solutions have played a huge role in car dealership activity during lockdown, but this is only the beginning of the digital evolution. After the reopening of all dealerships on May 18, the changing circumstances made technology indispensable, regardless of the area or phase of the province or autonomous community where they were located. The companies had to apply the established protection and prevention protocol and adopt the necessary measures in their facilities and vehicles, whilst maintaining the minimum direct contact with the client. However, it is the users themselves who are driving the demand for minimal contact purchases. It is in these extraordinary situations when the best technological solutions are required to create seamless interactions between the seller and the consumer.

The tools and the process

Car dealers must have the necessary tools to provide the best online customer service, as well as a complete end-to-end digital purchasing process. IECISA professionals offer technological solutions for digital marketing and online sales that are adapted to the needs of each company. Its objective is to provide the technological consulting services required for personalized digital sales and the creation of individualized proposals.

To carry out this process, after a meeting with the dealership, a consultant will study their specific needs, the level of digitization required and which technological solutions would be most effective at the lowest possible cost to close the sales loop. The objective is to provide information to the end client interested in buying a vehicle, facilitating their first contact with the seller, carrying out the negotiation and closing the sale without them having to set foot in a dealership.

Other solutions apart from the Customer Experience include the electronic signature

One of the measures proposed by IECISA within the entire procedure is the Docusign solution, which allows organizations to manage their processes through the use of electronic signatures. In these circumstances, the training of traditional physical sales people is crucial to complement the physical sale with the digital one.

With these technological value proposals provided by IECISA experts, clients can receive a response from the dealership in an agile and effective manner that surpasses the physical channel by providing digital communication with the seller to reserve and acquire products and services online without having to setting foot in a public place. All these actions allow for the acceleration of the vehicle purchase process which has been badly affected in recent months whilst offering better customer service.

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