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Inetum in Ivory Coast

Inetum strengthened its presence in Africa with the acquisition in 2014 of SOMAFOR in Ivory Coast, which had been based in Abidjan for 30 years, to become Inetum Ivory Coast with over 50 employees.

Present in Africa since 2003 through its subsidiary in Morocco, Inetum strengthened its presence in the region by acquiring SOMAFOR in the Ivory Coast in 2014, which had been based in Abidjan for 30 years, to become Inetum Ivory Coast with over 50 employees.

Founded in 1988 in Abidjan, SOMAFOR was a Services and Consulting Company specialising in the distribution and implementation of ERP, in particular Oracle JD Edwards.

It has become a major player in the field of management solutions for medium and large national and sub-Saharan French-speaking African companies in all sectors: chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, industry, distribution, food processing, services, telecommunications, etc.

In 2014, SOMAFOR joined Inetum, which became the leading regional player in ERP integration (still Oracle JDE Edwards, but now also Oracle NetSuite, SAP and SAGE X3).Inetum's strength is to be present in Africa with local teams having multi-localized skills that offer a proximity service in the implementation and post-installation follow-up, and this with international quality standard processes and methods.

Inetum deploys its "Think global/Act local" strategy on the continent, which has contributed to the success of its projects for several years. It allows all our clients in sub-Saharan Africa and Maghreb to benefit from the best practices and solutions capitalised by Inetum.

Inetum Ivory Coast in figures

Inetum strengthened its presence in Africa with the acquisition in 2014 of SOMAFOR in Ivory Coast, which had been based in Abidjan for 30 years, to become Inetum Ivory Coast with over 50 employees.


Headquarters in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and a Representative Office in Dakar (Senegal),

+ 30 years

More than 30 years’ experience in the field of ERP,

+ 40

local technical and functional experts,


Numerous clients and major projects in 8 French-speaking African countries,


Inetum Skill Centre in Africa for Oracle JDE and Oracle NetSuite projects, The oldest and only true Oracle JDE Integrator in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Sectors and offers

Current offer :

  • Management/Technical Assistance
  • ERP integration (Oracle JDE and NetSuite, Sage X3, SAP) and TMA
  • Dematerialisation projects in the Public Sector
  • Oracle database expertise
  • Sage XRT cash management
  • Consulting
  • CRM

Public Sector
Petroleum Sector
Energy (Utilities)
Food and agriculture
Bank and Insurance

Our office

Inetum in Ivory Coast

Inetum operates its services in Côte d'Ivoire from the economic centre of the country.

Inetum Ivory Coast, a friendly company in the heart of Abidjan

Inetum Côte d'Ivoire is a rapidly expanding company with a sustainable and ambitious growth policy that recognises and values its skilled professionals.

6 good reasons to join Inetum CI :

  • Inetum CI is a benchmark integrator in the sub-region,
  • 30 years of expertise, over 50 successful projects conducted for 200 clients in Africa,
  • Group skill centres to support and capitalize on good practices,
  • International quality standard processes and methods,
  • A friendly company in the heart of Abidjan,
  • Widespread influence in a region where IT sectors are booming.

Because it has always been our goal to attract and retain the best skills and most talented profiles, we make a point of offering motivating career prospects, both locally and internationally. Each employee benefits from personalized career follow-up, including progress reviews and assessment interviews.

Our employees are at the heart of our success

At Inetum Côte d‘Ivoire, successful recruitment is ensured by an integration process. 

Because our employees are at the heart of our success, we take the time to welcome them, integrate them, and let them share our values. After the recruitment process, the success of the integration process represents an important step, an essential factor in the involvement and lasting commitment of our teams. This process is all the more important as many of our consultants work on technical assistance contracts for our clients.

We therefore do everything we can to develop a feeling of belonging to both Inetum and the client where the resource is working. We create the conditions for adherence to our client's values and give our employees all the information they need to understand the strategy of both entities. We strive to build trust and well-being from the outset. In our company, the wide range of activities, cross-disciplinary nature of projects, and networking facilitate a quick start in a human-sized environment.

Inetum follows a process to integrate the resource in the client's environment. This encourages upskilling and helps to make the person self-reliant in their new role. 

With our experience in Human Resource management, Inetum implements preventive measures to avoid wear and tear on the job as well as corrective actions to respond quickly to this type of change and ensure consistent quality of service.

To do this, we empower our employees by encouraging versatility and by organizing the acquisition of new skills, whether functional, technical or operational.

Active participation in the life of the project also motivates employees: knowledge of the work of other team members, consideration of suggestions, motivating rewards for contributions to the challenges of their contract or unit.

Join Inetum CI and opt for a personalized career plan

We have always aimed to attract and retain the best skills.

Because it has always been our goal to attract and retain the best skills and most talented profiles, we make a point of offering motivating career prospects. Each employee benefits from a personalised career development programme with milestones and assessment interviews.


As a major IT services company, Inetum Côte d'Ivoire must continuously keep abreast of or anticipate technological developments in the IT market. 

  • Employees want to progress and acquire advanced skills in line with market demand,
  • The group wishes to provide each employee with tools that will enable them to increase their skills and motivation,
  • As a result of this reflection, investment in training remains an essential axis of development.
  • The development and capitalization of explicit knowledge,
  • The industrialization, documentation and dissemination of methods,
  • The continuous updating of document repositories.

Since 2015, Inetum Côte d'Ivoire's service offering has evolved significantly and now covers a broader spectrum offering consultants the opportunity to retrain in new solutions.

Originally, Inetum Côte d'Ivoire specialised in the integration of Oracle JD Edwards ERP. Since 2015, the service offering has evolved significantly and covers a wider spectrum than before. This opening has been an opportunity for several of our employees to switch to new solutions or businesses. The process continues and employees wishing to retrain are identified during annual interviews.

We support them through skill-transfer and training programmes.

What our employees have to say

See what our employees have to say about their fields.

In addition to my dual skills in Sage and Oracle information systems, my position at Inetum Côte d'Ivoire has enabled me to develop teamwork, communication, listening and organisational skills, and above all, discipline. These skills are essential for the management of digital transformation projects. In addition, there are advantages to working at Inetum, such as career development prospects and the opportunity to meet great people.

Inetum Côte d'Ivoire is a company with real ambition, not only in terms of performance and growth, but also in terms of the development and well-being of its employees.

I had the opportunity to work on a strategic project for the Ivorian government, to create paperless administrative procedures. We worked closely with the Group and benefited from the transfer of skills and good practices.

This project has been an enriching human adventure.

Working in a company that offers a friendly and positive working environment makes a difference!

After a few years of experience with SAP, I joined Inetum as an SAP logistics consultant, specifically for purchasing and stock management. I appreciate the company’s pragmatic approach that takes everyone’s interest into consideration. Inetum CI places particular importance on its young recruits by giving them real responsibilities and good prospects for development through the diversity of its projects and clients.