Digital Factory

Relieve your IT team of application development tasks​

An agile partnership to create maximum business value.

Every company is a software company. Software does not only support your core processes, it also provides strategic insights, and it's vital for innovation and to boost your differentiation potential. The world we live in is changing rapidly, and adapting to this change is vital for every company's survival. The challenge IT organisations are faced with is to create capabilities that can respond to this change in an agile and efficient way. And yet, much of an IT department's energy is spent in keeping the existing IT landscape running, leaving little room for innovation. ​

Our Digital Factory is designed to support your application development endeavours, and to unburden you of all IT-related aspects of software development projects, like methodology and tools. Our permanent high-performance teams are at the core of the factory, and provide you with the necessary resources at the right capacity. Our model is based on real partnership and close collaboration with your business, constantly adapting to changing priorities in order to create maximum business value. We introduce a methodology that supports this agility, and which guarantees the quality of the end result. Our governance model provides a constant and up-to-date view on the achieved business value, quality and budget. Finally, we provide support as soon as your application goes live, guaranteeing continuity and peace of mind.​

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Optimise the effectiveness of your investment​

Use DevOps methodology to increase your productivity and quality.​

The Digital Factory is an operational platform for successfully building and maintaining high-quality innovative applications using proven DevOps principles, in close cooperation with the customer and in a flexible manner, always focusing on business value.​

The Digital Factory offering is based on a partnership model where trust and co-creation are important ingredients. Continuous alignment with your business ensures maximum business value for your budget. Our approach also results in the shortest possible time to market. ​

The same permanent team is responsible for supporting your application once it goes live, resulting in optimal business and relational continuity. Flexible team capacity and composition maximise the effectiveness of your investment. As an experienced IT company, we want to unburden you of all IT-related aspects of software projects, like methodology, supporting tools, monitoring, etc. Our mature toolset and the adoption of DevOps principles result in high productivity and quality. This way, you can focus on the more business-oriented roles within the project. We can even introduce Agility concepts throughout your company and take care of your project portfolio as a whole. ​

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A modern digital factory to support your application environment from end to end​

We align your business objectives without increasing your application development costs.​

With our digital factory, we can deliver new functionality fast, thereby reducing the time to market of new business initiatives while maintaining great agility in what we produce together. ​

Thanks to the operational model based on DevOps, the business value generated for the same amount of investment increases and guarantees to be aligned with what is required.​

Our permanent DevOps teams not only adds additional capacity but also provides the benefit of a stable, well-established team that is used to working together.​

Last but not least, our high-performance teams cater not only for the development of new projects, but also provide continuity in later phases.​ ​

Specific benefits include:​

  • Capability to deliver new functionality fast​
  • Faster time to market and more agility​
  • Doing more with less​
  • Guaranteeing the quality of what is delivered ​
  • Limiting the attrition of your development teams​
  • A smooth transition between development and maintenance​
  • Greater responsiveness and flexible ramp-up and ramp-down capacity​ ​

What differentiates us? We offer an end-to-end Digital Factory across project and maintenance, development, operations and managed service. Our unique way of working guarantees business IT alignment.​

We are flexible when it comes to tooling: yours, ours, or a combination of both.​ Finally, we are an international group with a European culture that can help you worldwide.​

DevOps teams serving Agile projects ​

We use our DevOps know-how to support your projects.​

DevOps Teams – High-performance feature teams that provide capacity for your projects in different technologies, working from our or your premises. These teams come with proven methodology and tool support, unburdening our customers of all IT aspects.​

DevOps Consultancy – Our consultants help you to improve the maturity of organisations in their ability to successfully deliver high-quality software projects and to maximise their business value.​

Agile projects - We engage in result-based software development and integration projects in co-creation with our customers, including support during and after our projects.

Application Managed Services – We engage in result-based software maintenance in co-creation with our customers for new and existing applications.

The best technologies on the market to build efficient offers

Our software is combined with reference solutions on the market.

  • Liferay, Magento, Drupal, Adobe ​
  • Java, .net, php, webdevelopment, react, node.js​
  • Project Documentation in Confluence, sprint planning in Jira or alternatively Azure DevOps​
  • Testing & quality management tools such as Sauce Labs, Cucumber, Gherkin, Selenium and Squash TM.​

Our main references

Toyota Motors Europe​




A large software ecosystem

Discover our additional offers.

Our disruptive technologies

Smart Agents, Computer Vision, AI Ops, AI Dev, Virtual Worlds, Blockchain, and Social Robotics are ready to change the way we did things until now.​

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Digital Employee Experience

Become a first-class employer through new and personalised employee relationships. Promote employee-centric platform that fulfils employer brand promises.

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