Digital Employee Experience

Digital Employee Experience

Rethink the way your employees work and deploy a set of personalised services and relationship tools to increase attraction and retention.

One of the main impacts of digital transformation is the changing relationship between companies and two of their main stakeholders: customers/consumers and employees. For employees, this change can represent a real break. A successful employee experience will not only increase their added value, but also their sense of “mattering” and belonging to the company, and the reassurance that their company will take care of them. Enhanced collaboration and communication, autonomy and personal efficiency, and personalised Human Capital, skill and talent management are just some of the benefits to be gained.

Designing and deploying an employee-centric strategy provides structuring benefits

  • Attract and retain top talents by strengthening your employer brand.

  • Instil and reinforce values and behaviour like entrepreneurship, innovation, performance improvement and risk detection to increase personal satisfaction and commitment.

  • Boost operational performance from day to day through employee engagement, autonomy and efficiency.

  • Facilitate the implementation of transformation projects through the fast mobilisation of working teams.

  • Demonstrate the attractiveness of your brand in social communities with each employee becoming a company and brand advocate.

Bring your employee experience into the digital era

We design a differentiated plan adapted to each employee category (managers, etc.) to help you explain and deploy a digital culture, best practices and behaviour (collaboration, document and competence sharing, etc.).

Legacy HR legacy systems like Payroll demand continuous updates and higher technical availability. We provide experts on leading software solutions to ensure operational performance in your company’s HR IS.

  • Digitalise HR functions and give them new tools to become a key business enabler in the company.
  • Based on leading HCM cloud software, Inetum recommends business and IS solutions that enable your HR to attract, develop and retaining top talents in your company.

Agile design at a high level will ensure coherence and performance, with a focus on topics like employer-brand strategy, benefit mapping, employee journey and experience, employee data usage, interaction and e-service platform, architecture, and a global implementation roadmap.

Integrate new usages – collaboration and communication modes, mobility, easy access to applications, advanced security, access to decision-supporting data, and individual productivity – to create a complete, unified, user-friendly work environment for all employees.

Our Digital Employee Experience catalogue

Digital Workplace, Human Capital Management, Payroll and Digital Acculturation services. Connected offers include ERP, CRM & Marketing, and Customer Web Platforms. Let us assist you with:

  • Employee-centric strategy design

  • Added-value mapping

  • Persona definition

  • Employee service portfolio

  • Employee journey design (UX-UI)

  • Personalised employee data & process design

  • Human Capital Management

    • Talent management

    • Employee operations (expenses, absences…)

    • Compensation and benefits

  • Payroll solutions

  • Digital Workplace

  • Employee e-service platform

  • Employee Relationship Management

  • Employee master data solutions

  • Employee data platform architecture

  • Employee lifecycle analysis

  • HR dashboarding

  • Winning-journeys analysis

Digital Employee Experience - Detailed offers

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