Enter the digital world

A new way to develop your organisation

Your environment and uses are changing fast. ​

  • Clould is another way to enter a digital world​
    • The cloud is a new way to invest as you grow​
    • The cloud changes the game in terms of time to market and innovation​
    • Cloud-native applications open a new road to Agile IT design​
    • Cloud architectures offer new ways to develop a company
  • The main concern is how to use the cloud​
    • Identify and control your constraints and limits​
    • Make the best use of the cloud​
    • Bring a new dimension to service provided in the cloud​ ​

Inetum helps you go all the way and enjoy all the advantages of the cloud.​

We help you towards the cloud​

Let’s see how the cloud can improve your performance.​ As consultants, experts and outsourcer, Inetum supports you in all or part of your cloudification process and adapts to your constraints and challenges.​

Cloud Design to define your cloud or multi-cloud strategy

  • Analyse the business opportunities and benefits of using the cloud ​
  • Identify the impacts on your organisation and staff in order to support you in your transformation

Cloud Migration to schedule and migrate your services, applications and infrastructures​

  • Check if your application pool and data are cloud-ready​
  • Define and implement cloud services and infrastructures​
  • Prepare, adapt and migrate your applications at the right moment

Run the cloud​

  • Provide and manage automated services to make full use of cloud concepts
  • Monitor and control the use of capacity and budget (FinOps)
  • Deploy an SRE approach that ensures the sustainable coupling of application infrastructure and operational aspects to improve the efficiency of business services

Expand the cloud

  • Expand and adapt your uses​
  • Define services and products directly in and for the cloud (cloud-native)
  • Identify ways to improve cloud usage and services ​

A Cloud Fabric to support your migration

A secure and guaranteed transfer of technical and application environments in the cloud.​

Proven know-how demonstrated by our achievements with our clients​ ​

We are at the same time Consultant, Expert and Outsourcer​ for the organisation, methodology and tools supported by the “Cloud Fabric”: ​

The Cloud Fabric is a migration factory that ensures and secures the transfer of your technical and application environments to the cloud. ​

It consists of:​

  • an approach based on fast and simple methods inspired by the CAF (Cloud Adoption Framework) of the main CSPs (Cloud Service Providers),​
  • Specialized multi-cloud skills and expertise,​
  • A special tool that combines Inetum innovation and selected and integrated technologies from the market,​
  • Managed services built on an Infrastructure As Code (IAC) approach and derived from the SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) model.​ ​

We support your cloud process from end to end

From design to expansion, including migration and run.​

Cloud Design

  • Audit and analyse your current systems​
  • Define service and rollout models for your cloud solution​
  • Choose a cloud solution​
  • Define your transformation plan​
  • Change management​
  • Reversibility study​
  • Define your cloud architecture ​
    • (Public/Private/Hybrid)​
  • Roll out your cloud solution​
  • Draw up your service catalogue (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)​
  • Set up financial monitoring (FinOps)​
  • Define managed services ​

Cloud Migration

  • Assess your migration scope​
  • Choose the type of migrations (6Rs)​
  • Transform your applications ​
    • Cloud-native, Cloud-ready​
  • Automated rollout of cloud architectures and service batches ​
  • Transfer your applications and migrate your data​
  • Perform tests and validation​

Run the Cloud and Expand the Cloud

  • Provide supervision (technology, applications and business)​
  • Execute backup plans​
  • Monitor capacity planning and reporting​
  • Optimise usage and costs (FinOps)​
  • Use of new services (ArchOps)​
  • Develop SRE automation

Multi-disciplinary teams to support your digital developments​

Our cloud skills coupled with Performance and Transformation practices

We deploy various resources to support you on your way to the cloud... ​

  • A Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCOE): Cloud Fabric​
  • More than 250 certified experts in the main cloud service providers (CSPs) on the market to serve the group's digital projects and outsourcing (AMS)​
  • A dynamic Cloud Engine community: experts, pooled teams... ​
  • Shared Service Centres for Europe and for France (2 skill centres: Nantes and Lisbon) ​
  • Reliable and innovative migration and simulation tools based on CSPs’ cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) ​

... combined with Performance and Transformation (P&T) offers and practices such as consulting, agility, cybersecurity, data management, but also our Innovation entities that consolidate the support necessary for your digital transformations.

Benchmark partners for a spot-on cloud​

Rely on the best technological components to build a sustainable cloud.

We have been partners with AZURE and AWS for many years and more recently with GCP. They have become an essential part of our multi-cloud hybridisation strategy.​

We have also formed partnerships with OVH and VMWare, in particular to meet the requirements of public players.​

  • OVH to offer a French cloud alternative in view of its SecNumcloud certification.​
  • VMware for its leading position on virtualization and its proposal to migrate its solutions to AWS and Azure clouds.​

We also have an exclusive partnership in France with Apptio to offer a first-rate FinOps approach.​

The partnership with Turbonomic and Microfocus pertains to the tools that we use for our assessment and migration to the cloud.​

RedHat with its OpenShift solution is our partner for our application container platform strategy. ​

A broad software ecosystem ​​

See our related offers.​


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