Advanced Application Management

A new generation in ADM services

Development and AMS services of the future

AMS+ addresses 5 key topics:

>  The coexistence of all technologies in the IS,

>  The evolution of end-to-end application management,

>  The ability to produce in an agile manner and deliver applications faster to business lines,

>  Optimization of maintenance costs,

>  Managing innovation within the process of continuous improvement of service quality

The answer to your priorities

With AMS+, we determine together the best transformation trajectories according to the following drivers: reduction of OPEX and cost services, application portfolio management, updating your IS, application overhaul, automation, cloudification, etc.

The new generation of AMS generates:

  • Optimized Run services,
  • Digitized maintenance portfolios,
  • Faster developments. 

AMS+ improves the quality of legacy applications, both in terms of service security and service, and in terms of agility. This has the double advantage of cutting costs and improving time-to-market.

Take on any challenge with the AMS+ 4D model

AMS+ allows you to implement flexible operational models that match your priorities, while ensuring substantial savings and efficiency improvements over the long term.

Collaboration model based on the sharing of all means of monitoring, controlling and steering your service performance
Decision cockpit that provides tools and methods for designing application transformation paths and arbitrating improvement projects
An application engine that combines all possible offers, technologies and methods of optimization and improvement, digitalization and agilization, transformation and Cloudification of your application systems
Innovation accelerator to propose and build high value-added initiatives into industrial activities, as a key factor for success

Benefits that make a difference

- A long-term commitment to maintaining the application maintenance portfolio,

- Improve the business value of your IS and the agility of its maintenance,

- Scalability, flexibility and interoperability of IS architectures,

- Day-to-day vigilance in the application of IS security and compliance requirements,

- Controll your IS technical debt.

- Integrate our FabLabs in your maintenance process,

- Automate processes using AI and RPA to increase your productivity,

- Get Cloud transformation for greater scalability and security during implementation,

- Integrate Low-Code Digital Factories in your application maintenance system.

- Multimodal service experience linked to each business sector (verticalization),

- 360° communication between all stakeholders, from business to operational,

- Business value analysis at the heart of the decision-making system,

- Lean Management for more relevant commitments,

- Tailored solutions to meet multifaceted requirements.

Key features of AMS+

​​​​​​1.    Augmented collaboration model between you and Inetum,

      Driving Services and Projects based on your priorities and user experience.

2.   Decision cockpit for transition, onboarding of new perimeters, upgrades and new applications,

      Filtering and analysing applications and portfolio to enable priority-based decisions and  investments.

3.   Technology- and process-enabled application engine,

      Application Management Services delivered through specialized production processes.

4.  An innovation accelerator to identify and propose innovation initiatives,

      Delivery improved by introducing innovative projects.

Explore the AMS+ 4D model

The new-generation AMS+ service offer is built on 4 key pillars: DRIVE, DECIDE, DELIVER and DISRUPT


collaboration model: a comprehensive solution for sharing and exchanging
DECISION Cockpit: a 360°platform of tools and methods for transformation trajectories
application engine: expertise to enhance your legacy systems
innovation accelerator: innovations shared with projects and maintenance


Collaboration model – next-generation ADM services



Key levers

  • Efficient co-building
  • An agile and adaptive organizational model
  • Shared roadmaps (from the “Decision Cockpit”)
  • Visual management

What’s improved with AMS+

  • Lean models: KANO, VoC (Voice of the Customer), SIPOC, value analysis
  • 360° visual management with virtual dashboard for Run and Build activities – Projects, Actions, Requirements, Problems, Performance Status
  • Inetum multi-modal framework: Agile, Devops, iterative over time via Inetem Agile Meetings Framework


  • Shared transformation roadmaps
  • An in-depth understanding of your teams' needs and challenges at all levels of your organization
  • Full alignment between your teams and Delivery teams
  • Real-time management

Performance Platform


Key levers

  • Supervision is based on user experience (UX) via:
    • Traffic patterns
    • Response times
    • Loads and availability
    • Models of user behaviour
    • API performance
  • Business and UX learning and analysis to achieve:
    • Functional and technical improvements
    • Optimised sizing of the platform and support teams
    • Preventive maintenance planning
  • Security assessment for applications and data

AMS+ improvements

  • Several production management tools coexist:
    • Hypervision: Canopsys...
    • Supervision: Zabbix...
    • Performance tests: Dynatrace...
    • UX analysis office: UX performance, modelling, UX2Delivery
    • Cybersecurity: Fortify


  • Technical and UX application performance monitoring
  • Analysis of continuous improvement data for applications, maintenance services and security
  • Improved customer satisfaction and perceived value




The decision cockpit – next-generation ADM services




  • Collect data from applications
  • Build the Delivery model
  • Measure performance

AMS+ improvements

  • A decision support tool for building models (delivery, financial...)
  • TPP (Ticket Process Productivity): WorkUnits + Services levels + Quality Compliance
  • A progress plan for service optimization (cost, service level and quality, etc.)


  • Identification, quantification and prioritization of processing steps
  • Reduction of OPEX and Services costs for increased investment capacity

360° Transition



  • Learning methodology
  • Application diagnostic toolbox
  • Diagnosis of maintenance processes
  • Knowledge management

AMS+ improvements

  • A 360° inventory
  • D2A industrialized learning
  • A fully equipped knowledge base


  • Secure the transition and learning phases:  
    • Clear and complete understanding of the portfolio
    • Speed of the learning phase
  • Guarantee the effectiveness of AMS foundations in the long term: 
    • Industrialized access and updated knowledge
    • Ability to identify transformation paths
    • Ability to reproduce the transformation model


The application engine – next-generation ADM services




  • A toolbox for the automation of support activities
  • A continuous delivery platform
  • A transition and management toolbox for your maintenance portfolio
  • New KPIs and communication toolboxes


AMS+ improvements

  • Support automation with RPA solutions: Servicenow, UI path, Automation Anywhere, Blueprism...
  • Delivery automation with Chatbot, AI and RPA solutions
  • Predictive support: Ticket Process Productivity, Ticket Enrichment



  • Reduced OPEX
  • Real-time service status
  • Increase in perceived business value




  • Cloud Migration
  • Move mainframe applications to modern systems
  • Open-Source migration
  • API and micro-service transformation
  • Security by design
  • Front-End Transformation


AMS+ improvements

  • SmartDev and Cloud@Inetum
  • Mainframe migration and modernization with Metaware Refine©
  • Digital factory
  • Cybersecurity with SIEM Keenaï©
  • APIzation and micro-services



  • Extend the life of applications
  • Improve the agility, scalability and interoperability of applications
  • Reduce time to market for developments
  • Reduce platform costs
  • Improve security




  • Propose an Agile Framework
  • Provide business lines with the means to develop by themselves
  • Develop applications directly in Cloud Native mode (PaaS platforms and integrated services)


AMS+ improvements

  • Agile & Devops Factory
  • Low-Code Factory (Outsystems, Pega, Kony, Servicenow, Microsoft PowerApps, Vermeg/Palmyra)
  • Cloud Native Factory (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform)



  • Reduce development time
  • Improve the launch rate of new applications and ideas
  • Optimize the business value of applications
  • Design multi-channel applications from day one
  • Create agile, scalable and secure applications right from the design stage
  • Reduce CAPEX and control OPEX costs


The innovation accelerator – next-generation ADM services

Innovation Initiative



  • Implement a set of innovation facilities to launch studies for the renovation of application assets, the overhaul of technical architecture, functional upgrades of software, and the injection of innovation projects into an AMS project
  • Framing, measuring and ROI of innovative initiatives to improve the service provided on legacy systems


AMS+ improvements

  • Gov'Innov: governance dedicated to innovation and transformation within a legacy maintenance project or AMS
  • Pov'Innov: Proof-Of-Concept and Proof-Of-Value prototyping approach integrated into the legacy process and lifecycle



  • Update your legacy-related services and practices
  • Involve and motivate key maintenance resources and improve their employability
  • Connect the roadmaps of digital innovation projects and industrial legacy
  • Integrate legacy issues in the reflection and the manufacturing axes of innovative projects
  • Converge organizational structures on a common software lifecycle

Innovation in Action



  • Create a dedicated disruptive RUN organization
  • Test practices and innovative software in AMS which the fundamental principles of its maintenance and the market


AMS+ improvements

  • From Lab' to Fab': integration within a Legacy in production
  • Legacy IS tested and “enhanced” based on digital principles (customer focus, improved agility and flexibility, OneTeam spirit, technological concentration)



  • Add technological value in an industrialized environment where the aim is to ensure the coherence of the IS and to control its costs
  • Pursue your strategy and key objectives while making your IS more digital
  • Unite talents under the same project banner
  • Communicate on the success and benefits of combining legacy and Innovation


Technologies & Partners

AMS+ technologies

AMS+ relies on technologies and tools frequently used on all platforms to support the design, development, testing, integration and deployment of our projects and AMS.



Beyond the languages and software available in our centres or supplied by our clients to develop their applications, the Engine Partners application relies on the best solutions on the market in terms of optimization, digitalization and innovation in maintenance and projects.


A national energy company                   

Trade Directorate
EASiTEAM Project (CRM)
Agile Project and AMS

Support, maintenance, upgrades and rollout of the GENESYS omnichannel hub solution (voice, chat, SMS) for Relationship Centres by 11,000 consultants managing more than 35 million individual and professional customers.


A pension insurance organism

Redesign of the RGCU IS
Generalisation Agile SAFe and DevOps

The RGCU-RG project implements digital transformation: multimodal approach (business and CIO), Agility at scale, Java & Pega base (RPA and micro-Services), Cloud-ready, and a User-centric project.


A national energy company

Prism Unit
Industrialisation Mobility
Agile Program

Complete system for Agile projects from design to supervision once rolled out mobile applications go live, and hardware sourcing for the digitalization of field operations for 17,000 technicians.

A national social agency

Oursourced Service Center
Redesign Apps Core Business

Creation of the critical PAS and CMG Global Core System for the IT transformation programme: outsourcing, national governance, co-construction, innovation and mobility, 12% cost reduction.


A national environmental services company

Group and Water Technologies
Go-to-Cloud Projects
DevOps approach

“Datacentreless” strategy: Switching VWT's private IT infrastructure to AWS, and migration of business applications and the SAP Group application “AGORA” to the AWS cloud, with automated deployment.


Digital Factory
Legacy Agile

Agile redesign of applications for a 100% online IS: DevOps organisation, AMS & Agile Projects, UX/UI approach, transformation roadmap, application redesign.

A car manufacturer

Digital Factory " Website "
Remote agile services center

Digital Factory website for 46 plants in 41 countries with an FO in Belgium and a BO in Lisbon with 10 dev/regulators (English language), CI/CD and test automation.

Client stories

A national energy company

EASiTEAM Project (CRM) - Agile Project and AMS

Support, maintenance, upgrades and rollout of the GENESYS omnichannel hub solution (voice, chat, SMS) for Relationship Centers by 11,000 consultants managing more than 35 million individual and professional customers.