Attract, retain and develop the talent of today and tomorrow

Because human capital is the primary asset of public and private organizations, talent management is a key factor in their performance.

Transformations are undeniably shaking up companies at all levels: working methods, tools, managerial practices, HR processes, culture, professions, skills, relationship with work, etc.

The Human Resources (HR) function is at the centre of radical changes. New technologies are having a radical impact on the way employees and prospects connect and communicate with organizations:

  • Job-seekers are rapidly moving towards mobile and social networks
  • Employees use digital technology to rate their employer and say what they think of their work environment (Twitter, Glassdoor...)

Faced with these challenges, it is essential that the HR function reinvents itself and adopts new practices and new tools to strengthen its performance and offer better service.

The digitalization of the HR function embodies the employer brand. This is a key shift!

At the same time, the relationship between companies and their employees has also changed. Personalizing these relationships is becoming a key element in the engagement and retention of talent. This is where the employer brand promise can truly enhance its performance.

“96% of the HR directors questioned cited digital transformation as a development that will have an impact on the HR function. ” Etude Wavestone 2019


“75% of leaders in HR and talent management believe their companies are behind the curve in the use of internal and external social networking technologies.”


“Only 6% of organizations use social recruiting as a way to interact with potential candidates and strengthen the employer brand.”

Develop your real HR potential with digital technology

Inetum supports companies in defining and implementing reliable and innovative solutions to attract, retain and engage talent.

Inetum helps you to transform the link between your organisation and its current and future employees to make them connected, cooperative and more interactive.

With real business expertise and expertise in market solutions and the most innovative technologies (chatbot, AI, social media, RPA, SaaS, etc.), we are involved throughout the entire project cycle – assistance with steering and coordination, advice and project framing; redesigning business processes; gathering requirements; specifications and requirements; HRIS urbanization; implementation of solutions; change management.

Inetum is involved in a wide range of processes and business issues

Recruitment & mobility

The search for talent at the heart of organizations' development strategy

Core HR

Place the employee at the centre of the HRIS to play an active part in their own development


Turn those first moments into a lasting relationship


A personalized offer based on multiple learning opportunities


Empower managers to make fair decisions

Career and talents

Career management, a key to retaining talent

HR management

Help HR players and managers make enlightened decisions