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Key Figures ​

Inetum is a multinational consulting, outsourcing and systems integration company in Information Technology, with a workforce in Mexico of more than 800 highly qualified professionals.​


professionals in Mexico, 1800 in the Latin America region​


offices in Mexico and 7 offices in the North Latin America region​


Clients in Latin America

130 M€

Business Figure in 2020 in the America region​

Our offices

Inetum in latin America​

In Mexico, Inetum delivers its IT services from 3 sites.​


Inetum is present throughout the value chain to accompany its clients towards the success of their digital transformation projects.​

Our Services:​

  • Consultancy​
  • Application Services ​
  • Software Package
  • Integration and Support Services ​
  • Infrastructure and Outsourcing​
  • Software Edition ​ ​

Our Solutions:​

  • Factory 4.0​
  • Omnicommerce​
  • Digital Banking​
  • Cybersecurity​ ​

Why choosing us?​

We are committed to people with an interest in learning, a desire to overcome professional challenges and committed to our goals.​

We are committed to people with an interest in learning, a desire to overcome professional challenges and committed to our goals. People with initiative and potential, accustomed to working in a team, who are integrated into a good work environment and eager to improve and grow professionally. ​

You will work in an innovative, constantly growing, solid and respectful company with the employee, with a warm and collaborative environment.​

You will be able to develop a professional career in which only your merits and abilities will define your evolution. ​

Social Responsibility​

Inetum pursues the highest standards of social responsibility in all we do, supporting and empowering employees working with clients, and governing our company.​

Inetum pursues the highest standards of corporate responsibility in all we do, supporting and empowering employees working with clients, and governing our company. Aligned to our values through the communication channels we reinforce our responsibility with the environment and society. Volunteering, donation and education commitment are an example of what we do to make our community a better place for all.​

Core values ​​are based on the fundamental rights of each person, such as the protection of privacy, freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of association, non-discrimination and the right to be heard. For this reason, we integrate the principles of corporate citizenship in our work strategies and we aspire to consolidate ourselves in a leading position in terms of safety, occupational health and the environment. We are interested in the concerns of all our collaborators, so we provide an attitude of dialogue and active listening. According to the above, Inetum subscribes to the United Nations global compact. ​

Our Onboarding​

The accommodation of our new joinees is a fundamental part in Inetum. The first impression is always the most important.​

Once the new collaborator has successfully completed their hiring process, they are assigned to a Business Partner who will be responsible for providing an induction and support during their stay in the company, supporting them in any doubt or situation that the professional may present.​

Build your career path​

In Inetum Mexico you set the limits of your professional career.​

Samuel Calderon – Service Manager Mapfre Peru​

Within Inetum I have achieved satisfactory professional growth for my career, because today 4 years after joining the company as a Tester, I have reached the level of Service Manager and this has been possible thanks to the trust that the company has placed in me and the excellent work of the team that surrounds me, that is why Inetum represents an important pillar in my growth, in my training within the testing area. I am currently assigned to one of the most important clients of Inetum in the insurance sector, where responsibility and quality of work are essential factors during our participation in any of the projects.​

I have learned many things also personally since one of the aspects that I have always valued the most since I joined is the human group of which I am part of the company, that is why Inetum is the company in which I want to continue working and give the best of me.​

Marco Diaz – Technical Support CDMX​

When I joined Inetum I considered that my experience was very little for such a large technology company, thanks to the opportunity I have had to be working for almost 4 years, I have learned a lot, from repairing computer equipment that was believed irreparable, to how be able to install a system and update them more quickly and efficiently. For me it has been a challenge, because every day I have to update myself on the news and errors that come out in the systems and programs, and thus be able to reach the solution to apply it as quickly as possible, since technology always is advancing at a rapid step.

Sandra Acosta – HR Bussines Partner CDMX​

I joined the company in 2016, in the recruitment and selection team with a junior profile. At the end of one year, they gave me the opportunity to grow, giving me greater responsibility for what they assigned me to be the most important financial sector account for the company. After two years my interest in learning more about the human resources area grew, so I requested the opportunity to belong to the Business Partner team and it was given, for me, an important challenge in my professional development, because it implied learning of new topics and the reinforcement and practice of some others. In my case, the constant work and my desire to learn have opened opportunities within the company and I have really felt the recognition of my work from all my immediate managers, with whom I had and have the opportunity to collaborate as throughout these almost four years in the company. I hope to continue having the opportunity to learn and obtain positions with increasing responsibility within Inetum and to continue collaborating with wonderful people who help me and share their knowledge, both professionally and personally, as some of my colleagues also consider them my friends and I hope to continue learning from them and from all the people with whom I have the pleasure of collaborating.​

HR development​

​From the Human Resources area we help you to boost your career through specific growth plans.​

At Inetum we support all our employees to have exponential growth in their professional careers. Through different tools and programs in our HR area, we detect the strengths of each employee to support them in developing and sharing them. Likewise, our talent retention program focuses on those who have given their best and we seek to open up new opportunities for growth. Always supported and accompanied by a fair compensation.​


In Inetum Mexico we have training plans for our collaborators which consist of updating their knowledge and the acquisition of new ones.​

In Inetum Mexico we have training plans for our collaborators which consist of updating their knowledge and acquiring new ones, both in the development of technical skills and in professional skills and methodology, through self-study material that our collaborators can consult by requesting them to the area training.​

Update programs are also generated on relevant topics for our clients and business depending on current market needs. An additional source of knowledge is our mentoring program, which consists of detecting professionals who are experts in some technology who become mentors who will transmit their knowledge and experience to those who require it, in order to guide and help improve and / or complement the knowledge of our collaborators.​


We seek to identify, attract and develop the best talent.​

Our graduates programs give you the opportunity to participate in relevant projects that challenge your skills and enhance your development, throughout the program we will be there to accompany you and guide you in your next steps. ​

​We seek to identify, attract and develop the best talent, that is why from day one you will be immersed in projects that will allow you to develop and discover your skills.​

Compensation & Benefits​

Inetum Mexico provides to the collaborators additional benefits to their monthly salary compensation.​

Inetum Mexico provides to the collaborators additional benefits to their monthly salary compensation, such as grocery vouchers, major medical, optical, dental and life insurance.​

We also have paid leave in case any of our collaborators has a situation of illness, death of a close relative or is going to get married. Agreements are created with companies that provide various services so that employees have discounts and promotions when presenting their credential that accredits them as Inetum employees.​

We have a training and growth plan for our collaborators which provides technological and personal tools which will support our collaborators to better perform their functions within our additional plan to the courses. Certifications are included.​

Quality of Life​

We always seek the well-being of our professionals.​

We always seek the well-being of our professionals. The most recent example is during this pandemic. We adopt a remote work scheme and if assistance to Inetum facilities is necessary, they are provided with protective equipment (face shield and mask), antibacterial gel and constant sanitization of the spaces.​

Contributing to having an appropriate climate in Inetum, we adhere to the guidelines and norms established in our country, taking care that our collaborators work in a suitable, pleasant environment where they can express their doubts, ideas, etc., in an open way and these can be covered or implemented if possible. Additionally, we provide you with tips for your health care, work breaks in order to minimize stress, safety information and personal care and general culture.​

Important celebrations are held such as: birthdays, independence from our country and the most important and long-awaited Christmas celebration where all the collaborators meet, coexist, have fun and have the opportunity to share their best wishes to their colleagues.​

How to join us ?

Our selection process is agile and avant-garde, we have expert staff who engage in personalized conversations from professional to profesional.​

Our selection process is agile and avant-garde, we have expert staff who engage in personalized conversations from professional to professional to define the expertise of each consultant. Trend and innovation in the application of digital assessments such as Languages, Techniques and Psychometrics. ​

  • Everything is born with a requirement that is published internally for the team to recommend colleagues who meet the profile and share the culture of the company, at the same time it is published in all sources of employment​
  • There is direct contact with the candidates to a deep filter, face-to-face and online interviews with HR, interview with professionals who are experts in different technologies and methodologies, we take each consultant by the hand with a timely follow-up until they are hired. ​

The goal is to find and discover the best talent to join our family and share the passion for big projects, punctual technologies and make a difference in the IT world.​