A chatbot to help you ease out of lockdown

A chatbot to help you ease out of lockdown

A chatbot to help you ease out of lockdown

How do you keep employees informed and at the same time find out what their concerns are? Easing out of lockdown is a delicate phase both for companies and for staff members who will be going back to work in the coming weeks.


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Inetum’s Innovation Department has rolled out a chatbot to push contextualised information on the lifting of lockdown and returning to work, and to address employees’ concerns. This initiative, which has already been put in place for all Group employees with the help of Human Resources, can now also be rolled out speedily for our clients.

bot@deconfinement: Questions, answers, and customised support

Based on the Botfoundry technology developed by Inetum’s FabLabs, the bot@deconfinement can go live in a matter of days, with what is called a “commando” approach. Operational and technical support has been adapted to the situation: teams remain mobilised once the chatbot is on line to help get users operational in the ongoing training phase.

The bot has been pretrained (with phrasings, steered dialogues, and answers to questions) on a comprehensive range of content pertaining to the lifting of lockdown, so that employees can get spot-on answers to their questions in this regard.

Analysing conversations with the Chatbot will enable HR to manage the lockdown-lifting period more accurately, understand employees’ concerns, and adapt their content if necessary to inform and reassure them more effectively.

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